Who is an Inspiration to you and why? lets remember the good in this world.

Sometimes we get down on ourselves, wondering why the world is such a bad place and why there are so many bad people out there. 

But let's take a moment to remember that there ARE lot's of good people out there who are trying their damn hardest to make a difference and change it. 

Inspirational people come in all shapes and sizes including diet. Although this may not be 100% based around veggieness its a good time to reflect and remember the good in the world. 

So I'm going start with Sam Childers:

This man is an inspiration to me because he was on the wrong road in life going through a downward spiral and he turned it around amazingly. It took him to become the man he did because he found god, and I'm agnostic but I respect peoples beliefs and if it makes you change for the better then so what.

It takes an incredible individual (who is married and has a family), to head on over across the world to a disrupted country to make a difference to as many of the childrens lives there that they can. 

Its a dangerous place and he battles it head on to stop the perversion and disgrace sweeping that country because of the LRA. 

He built an Orphanage over in Sudan to keep the children who have lost their families protected from the LRA led by Joseph Kony.

What these children have had to go through is disgusting and outrageous. This ONE man has had the balls to say 'this is not on' and has actively done something about it. 

During the 10 years that this Orphanage has been going Sam and his soldiers have rescued 800 children and they currently sustain over 200 orphans there today.

To know more about this amazing individual, watch the film 'Machine Gun Preacher'.



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The little man in this world who gives on a regular basis and is not in the limelight for it. The person that helps cuz it's the right thing to do and not for any glory. Those are my heroes.

and ADA.

And little woman. Nice. 

not little woman for me. but still.



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