This isn't exactly related to vegetarianism,but I thought I'de share it.Have you ever had someone say to you ''what's the point of spending time trying to be healthy? You're still going to die one day.'' Or ''Oh,you're into that health food stuff? There's better things to worry about then that!'' It's never been said to me directly,but some people have that attitude. Yes,it's true. Having a good diet and a healthy lifestyle won't make you invincible or completely safe from getting a disease. So is that enough of a reason to eat junk and not care about your body? For me,it's definitely not. You only have one body,one life. Why not give it a little respect? Plus,who wants to have health problems all because they didn't think about what they were eating? Even though life is pretty short,I think it's  worth it to take care of yourself.

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I don't know what in life is worth looking out for more than your own well-being. It brings to mind the question of quality of life. According to their logic, why don't we all just cook up some meth and streamline cocaine all day long? It makes you feel good and who cares if it kills you! We all die one day!  I will tell you- I used to "embrace" the whole \'I'm going to eat whatever makes me feel good'- but that logic is also flawed, because in the end it DOESN'T make you feel good! It made me fat, tired, moody, and I have a thyroid disease thanks to that. I look at my mother's health- she also has a thyroid disease- and I take a gander at the plethora of other health issues she has and imagine myself having to take 5 pills every day. I imagine being told I'm developing diabetes- I imagine my grandmother, and how she was diabetic, and died a very painful death from pancreatic cancer. So many terrible things that obscure the quality of life are avoidable with simple diet changes. I agree- "One body, one life". Life is short... all the more reason to take care of yourself and live out your one shot as well and healthy and able as you can!

I embraced it as well. No one around me was all that concerned with health and I was just plain ignorant about taking care of myself. I would think ''I'll change my diet when I'm older.'' The amount of processed and sugary foods I ate growing up is frightening to me now. Never crave fast food anymore,but that sugar addiction is hard to shake. I'm so sorry you have a thyroid disease. Glad you decided to get healthy,though! You're right. It might make you feel good at the moment,but in the long run it never does.Better to stop and think about what's truly good for you. 

"Live for today and not for tomorrow... is the wisdom of a fool." -Prince Buster

There are many things you cannot control; however, you can control in the way you might handle your health.

We all know  based on statistics that a diet high in  animal based products will have associated illnesses that seem to rise in proportion to consumption.  A few  examples would be :  --Red meat has been linked to colon cancer------ There are statistics that prove a lower Alzheimer's case incident in  countries that "were more historically" consuming rice-------( look that up and check into turmeric  and curry spice)-----------And then there is the statistic nightmare "heart disease"!. Now what makes sense to you??? Would you not want to live in this life  for as long as possible  and in the best quality that you could  based on what you know is more healthy??

I want to live my life as long as i can. I would like to  live my life completely and full of health....... I enjoy a vegetarian diet.  I find that a diet  mindful of life is so many things at different times. It challenges me to learn. Some times just the endeavor of  cooking motivates me to  experiment . A vegetarian diet is inspiring, entertaining and always delicious.  It is fun to eat like this. There is a bliss in this path.

True! It is challenging,but always an adventure and totally worth it.I've learned so much about healthy eating in just one year of being vegetarian. :)

People will use all kinds of excuses to avoid change. Even if people are sick and suffering--they still make comments like these. It's  illogical and very sad.

Because when I'm in my 40s and older, I want to still be able to jog and thrive while the people I know around me waste away.

For real! I love to jog!

Health has a direct effect on not only how happy your body will feel but also how happy your mind will feel. Like actual chemical reactions. I don't care what reasoning those people have this direct reaction your body and brain has to your diet is an infallible and obvious reason to eat healthy. It, after all, make you literally happy. Nuff said. Lol

Heh the funny thing is, I kinda would want to live forever. I often think about this and I feel so sad thinking about all the things I'm gonna miss out on. Technology is just gonna get more and more advanced and there'll be more and more books to read etc. I know it's a stupid way to think but I can't help it.

I also think that the way humans are living and consuming atm, it's not gonna end up pretty; on the other hand I'm hoping the really ugly part won't happen in my lifetime, but the bigger part of me want to see it, wants to tell people "told you so". Makes me angry though, that the people who caused most of the problems will not live to see it.. Many are already dead. /rant

I think that living healthy is a personal journey, but it today's world it is inconsiderate and selfish to live unhealthy because not only are you killing animals that way, but you are costing your fellow tax payers billions of dollars in health care cost because of obesity related disorders (heart disease, cancer, diabetes millitus, etc.). It sucks being a fit/sexy young person right now with my peers being so unhealthy and obese. That's why I'm vegan for life and spreading this lifestyle everywhere I go. 


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