Alot of people have been telling me that its stupid that im a vegetarian and that i should start eating meat which aparantly contains more protein and stuff, and i tell them no i dont want to, and that the vegetarian food im eating also contains protein and less carbs and less fat and that its my choice to be a vegetarian anyway , Ive been a vegetarian for 8 years :)

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Because some people have no sense for others feelings.  And don't care, probably never will.

Thats what im gonna start doing :P Respond with facts about nutrition, the enviroment and animal welfare :) And im gonna show my family loads of videos and documentaries about what they do to animals behind fast food chains and stuff, because im not sure they even realize this

non vegetarians often despise vegetarians and vegans because many of them are arrogant, self-righteous and behave as if they are better. many vegetarians try to convince omnivores to become vegetarian. claiming to know how another person should live raises much antagonism, especially for self-defense. and this is let out on every vegetarian, nut just those i just described but also those who are quite peaceful and respectful towards omnivores. but as long as their are extremist vegetarians, the normal ones will always have to suffer from the intolerance of non vegetarians that are sick of beeing told how bad they are. so thanks to those extremists -.-

I agree completely. A lot of vegans and vegetarians have made me shake my head, because I think, "Oh, THAT'S where they get these biases from." Members on here have even said that animal rights trump the rights of people... being abrasive and ignorant and obnoxious is no way to spread a message of compassion, I completely agree with you. We must be aware of human nature and how our words effect people, so we may use them more appropriately. Use your words to draw in interest, not garner hatred.

I love that, hits the nail on the head perfectly.

Why is it being an extremist to point out the horrors of the slaughterhouse and the living hell these animals must endure during their short miserable lives?

Would it be EXTREME to speak out against slavery and child abuse?

Why must we be so polite and accepting of animal abuse horrors?

Meat does contain more complete protein* but the average American consumes four times the amount they need. A vegetarian diet can be MORE than adequate in consuming protein- and like another member posted a while ago, "When did protein become the master nutrient?" It certainly isn't, it's used as an anchor in a fear tactic to scare people aware from our way of life. Like you said, our diets are also higher in healthier fats* and lower in harmful fats! That is why most of the top 10 killers (include CVD, number one) are diet related, and closely related to the over consumption of meat. 

Congrats on making it 8 years :)

I think many people behave this way because they feel threatened when others make different choices to them. It is almost like it inspires a little guilt in them and they become defensive (and often aggressive). I have found the absolute best reaction to be no reaction. Let them stew on that.

i would not have replied if i read you. Wise and objective words :-)

I like that

They are motivated by the fear of the unknown :-)

I get this all the time and I am sick of trying to explain myself to others. Especially the fact that my son doesn't eat meat (he is 19 months old) let me tell you that really gets a reaction!


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