Alot of people have been telling me that its stupid that im a vegetarian and that i should start eating meat which aparantly contains more protein and stuff, and i tell them no i dont want to, and that the vegetarian food im eating also contains protein and less carbs and less fat and that its my choice to be a vegetarian anyway , Ive been a vegetarian for 8 years :)

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Nice projecting to claim that you speak for anyone other than yourself.

You have no idea what others feel.

Veganism is for the benefit of peoples own health. For the benefit of the Planet- in being the most environmentally sound-in best addressing World Hunger and addressing true Equality for ALL species. You are clearly deluded if you think its about making excuses and avoiding Sceintific truths to make excuses that its about anything else. 

Hey Ldev,

Congrats! you convinced me to have a bacon cheeseburger the other day. Now while I will be abstaining from meat 98-99% of time, any time I do have meat, I will think of you and dedicate it to your vehement, stupid, and infantile mentality. Thanks for reminding me why I can't stand people like you and no longer consider myself vegan or vegetarian. I needed that.

And no, not all eggs or dairy have chemicals in them. You're flat out wrong in that regard. 

Hey Infant skeptical- youre a cretin who lives in a world of illusion. And ALL dairy is full of hormones-your clearly a moron sponsored by the murdering dairy industry. And your reasons for suddenly deciding to eat corpses again show your own selfish idiocity-NO regard for the environment or poverty or huinger or the murder YOU are engaged in. YOU are clearly a fool who will blame anyone other than themselves for the choices they make! 

thank you for saying that!

I believe many people have never questioned their diets and are very curious when they meet someone different. In some other cases, as people start to learn more, they start to get scared and reject the idea that they could and should change their diet. For some people this is very scary to think they were taught wrong and their parents were wrong, of course they were all just doing what they thought was right and most vegans would not think that was wrong. I also used to eat the Standard Diet, I often have to remind myself of that.

Diet has become a product of advertising, people do what they're told, it's much easier than looking for the truth. How many omnivores do you know that would spend the money to buy organic if it's twice the price of conventional, or go out of their way to buy ethical clothing and products. Some will argue all weekend at the bar about government control, then spend all week being completely controlled. The problem is education, so always remain calm and help to educate. Start with yourself, know what people need, and be ready to help others try, your food cannot have the same % of protein and less carb and less fat, those are the only 3 things we measure in food. If you eat fruits and veg, you are eating high carb and that is great! If you eat lots of nuts and seeds you're eating mostly fat, then protein, then carb; the same, but far worse if you're eating eggs and dairy.

I have gotten so sick of what I eat being thought of as an appropriate subject of conversation for anyone and everyone (from family members to people I have just met/barely know) that I have now resorted to simply saying "I'd really prefer if we talked about something else" or even flat out telling people that it's not their business if they are rude. I know most people try to educate others, but in most cases I've found that that doesn't work since the person berating you isn't open to receiving information and will just use what you say to further annoy or insult you, so I feel that it often just amounts to adding fuel to the fire, or, feeding the trolls, if you will.


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