Most non vegetarians wonder what drives people to convert to vegetarians and give up their daily meat intake in order to adopt an entirely different way of lifestyle. There is no single answer to this question. Non vegetarians become vegetarians for a lot of different reasons - some even for multiple reasons.

Most vegetarians claim that they became a vegetarian for one of three main reasons.

The first reason, which most vegetarians claim, is that they have serious ethical problems with eating meat. Most disagree with how chickens are debeaked, forced to live in small cages, and are then slaughtered when they do not produce eggs fast enough.

Most vegetarians also disagree with the crowded and stressful environments that animals are forced into; and the hormone-laden daily feed used to make them grow faster and produce more.

People who become vegetarians for this purpose often draw ethical boundaries in different spots, depending on their indept personal beliefs. For instance, some staunch vegans will refuse to consume yeast, wear wool, or even eat certain vegetables, such as carrots, that require killing the plant to harvest.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, some vegetarians, sometimes referred to as pseudo-vegetarians, will actually eat fish and chicken on a regular basis.

The second reason vegetarians claim for not eating meat is that it conflicts with their dietary preferences. Some of these vegetarians simply do not like the texture and taste of meat, others do not eat it because it is high in cholesterol and often contains very high concentrations of hormones and preservatives.

The third and smallest group of vegetarians cite some environmental reasons for not consuming meat. They complain that the consumption of meat causes farmers to continually deforest the land to create grazing land for their cattle.

In addition to these three major groups, there are a number of other smaller groups of vegetarians who stopped eating meat for entirely different reasons.


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ethical problems is the first reason of why i turned to be vegan.

I also think its the main reason and also the most important one! cause people who go trough other reason end up leaving the vegy way... Some people think being vegetarian is fashion, for a month or a year :P 

Being vegan makes me better than other people. /sarcasm

me too. being vegan really makes me a better person.

Haha, agree.

It's also mainly because of the ethical problems for me, I consider meat as cruelty. By the way, I am happy to know that it can bring positive repercussions and solve a big part of actual problems which I am sensitive to.

I found I could not digest animal flesh. I am also allergic to wheat and have become gluten free in the past 2 years.

I believe when you eat meat you take in the animals final vibration which is one of pain and fear. I have become more aware of the ethical and environmental issues.

You are totally right, now a days we survive a lot of the energy around us and the energies of the food we eat, and that influences a lot our bodies and minds! Veggies are healthier in body, mind and spirit! :)

Biggest and most important reason for being a vegetarian is Spiritual reason. Eating meat incurs negative Karma, and if you are on to spiritual path and do Meditation, meat eating will hinder your progress in meditation.
Even accidental consumption of non-veg food would make your fall in your meditation.

And as per law of Karma, each and every Karma will have to be accounted for. We can't escape the effect of killing innocents for our food.

I agree in so many levels ...

I stopped eating meat for all the above reasons, never liked it, i don't contribute to harsh deforestation and for ethical reasons, mistreatment of the animals. My blood values have never been this good too...

Became vegetarian for health concerns, vegan for ethics. After being confronted with the reality, rather than the industry fluff piece, you either choose to care or you choose to not. I couldn't go back to being disconnected.


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