why I have a craving for chocolate?!!what about you

I found it really funny I can't spend a day without eating chocolate since I converted vegetarian I consume chocolate on daily basis ( not eating too much but I can't live without it!) t in the same time I don't drink coffee, cappucino, Coke or even tea! do you think this is the reason why I need chocolate? i

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hahahahah Honey i'm like you! I hate coke, coffee, or another drink. But vegan chocolate, or soy milk with chocolate are essential in my life ;) I dont know why, but it happens to me too!

females are always chocolate lovers :)

get your hands on some raw cacao, its way better for you than chocolate. it tastes just as good, and you can make your own choc treats. it has more of the things that youre craving in it than the store bought chocolate. 


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