So I have a friend who is a very strict Mormon. She will do anything and everything for her religion. Sometimes when I talk to her about becoming vegetarian and the benefits for the planet, body, environment, and the sake of animals, she ends it by saying that the bible says it's okay. Apparently the bible says that man can eat anything that moves... I just normally say well if that's coming from the same book that says gays are a disgrace, how does it have anything to do with real people getting real health problems from eating meat? She just kind of stands there speechless and says that I should follow God and his right ways because it'll do me good in the future and for my body... She also eats it for "strength" 

What would you say to someone like her who is very religious? Has this happened to you? If not, what would you say? 

Thanks :D

BTW- I hope I didn't offend anyone! 

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Ya , I think religion kind of promotes this, which is really sick ..

The main reason that people doesn't change accoring to me, is egoism and lasyness. A lot of people find it difficult to change habbits. Also the commercials are to blame. Look arround in your own environment and you will find a lot of meat advertising.Television commercials as well. We talk about a worldwide economical industrie. If i see that our government support meat commercials what do you think other governments does. Your government have the biggest interest's. They use  hormones to accelerate the growing process, but if you will exporting your meat to the States it must be almost " kosher".Thus if there is an indication of an upcomming disease and we had the last years, then by the government the animals, we speak about +/- 250.000 animals,where preventifly culled., to secure the export of meat.Anyway i send you a link to our wiki, just read it. We talk about a country with 16.000.000 people. A small one comparing with european measures.So maybe you can inagine how many countries produce meat and how many animals has to be killed for it. I will send you another link about a study of H  A  R  O  L  D     H  I  L  L  M  A  N  Mb BSc PhD taken in Great Britian. For now this will be enough material for discussion. So please let me know what you think about it. Will we ever getting vegetarian as humanbeing? We have a world population of 7 billion people and still growing. I tink we will have a foodproblem in the future especially if we want to eat meat. It takes three times the vegetables to produces meat then for the same amount of  meat substitute. The next time i will tell you my experiences in the militairy and being a vegan.

Well, I don't consider any of the holy book words. When we are living in advanced world why should we follow cruel situations. Some eat for religion beliefs, Some for taste , Some for mandatory in their life. Yes, happened with me many times. But I can't give them better knowledge rather than shutting my mouth and move out of from there. Some people can't understand love for animals.

For me its more complicated. I am vegetarian, Muslim, and my family and friends are always telling me that meat is a gift from God and I am not allowed to refuse that gift. My mon is especially upset with this ( i am 46!!!!!!). It's said clearly in the holly Quran that god brought food (animals!) on earth for us as a present to honour us. The only thing u can do is to say sorry!

Well, i don't know about bible. But, if those animals were meant to eat. Why they struggled, scared and some of it even shed  tears before we kill them? And i deeply believe that if a merciful Jesus saw this, He must be crying when He saw them being slaughtered. Just because to taste good and we ignore the animal's pain? and the way how human kill animals, it's simply so cruel. Imagine thousands of Chickens, Cow, or anything  killed by using electrical machine in just one day just to fulfill human desire? If i relate this to the Buddhism Karma view, there are lots of people killing people which is so cold-blood and the way they kill, Just like how we kill animals. because we have pay back what we did. . .

I did a little history lesson in one of my classes with vegetarianism/veganism and I know there's a few Christian sects that do abstain from eating meat. I am Wiccan (neo-Pagan nature based religion) and while there is no doctrine about how one should eat, I know I am helping nature out by not eating meat and I believe my gods respect that decision. I also have 2 other Wiccan veggie friends so I'm not alone!

Luckily I don't know anyone who has said the whole "well the Bible says we are supposed to eat meat" argument but I think no matter what your religious (or non-religious) beliefs are, anyone can be vegetarian and see the good in that.

It also works the other way :)

A lot of people don't eat meat due to religious beliefs, like in the case of many Hindus, Buddhists and Jains!

AS AN AGNOSTIC I WOULD QUOTE JESUS:  "THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Religion sucks...all brainwashed low lifes that don't care about the reality. 

Talk about labeling and bigotism...

Some gesture Jesus was vegan, and that "fish" is a misinterpretation of "seaweed". I forgot who told me about this though haha.


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