So I have a friend who is a very strict Mormon. She will do anything and everything for her religion. Sometimes when I talk to her about becoming vegetarian and the benefits for the planet, body, environment, and the sake of animals, she ends it by saying that the bible says it's okay. Apparently the bible says that man can eat anything that moves... I just normally say well if that's coming from the same book that says gays are a disgrace, how does it have anything to do with real people getting real health problems from eating meat? She just kind of stands there speechless and says that I should follow God and his right ways because it'll do me good in the future and for my body... She also eats it for "strength" 

What would you say to someone like her who is very religious? Has this happened to you? If not, what would you say? 

Thanks :D

BTW- I hope I didn't offend anyone! 

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sorry religion was created by men.. so killing a human is a sin.. but killing an animal is not! thats somthing partial

I disagree. I believe killing any of Gods creatures, tearing up the environment,and just being so careless with blessings is a sin.

well, if she is that stubborn, you cant convince her because i try convinving my friends but they are all too stubborn to try to change their eating styles  According to LDS scriptures Mormons must  be vegetarians, but most Mormons do not follow this precept of this religion today. This is unfortunate, but more and more, vegetarianism is gaining attention within the LDS community.  

Now there's a surprise; massaging of the religious ethics, that is!

Who would have thought it??!!

Enter some churchy person, saying something along the lines of "But you must not take the bible literally" or "but the bible was written thousands of years ago and doesn't really cater for the modern day society". Yawn, yawn, blah, blah.

Hi David, I think the scriptures Dr. McDougal is talking about is the Book of Mormon, written in the nineteenth century. Mormons hold their other scriptures on par with the Bible. This is part of the reason Mormons are not accepted as Christians by the vast majority or Christian denominations.  

However, early Mormons avoided meat.  Mormons still avoid alcohol, tobacco, coffee and certain other behaviors proscribed by their religion.  

The bible actually give very strict rules on what meat you can and cannot eat. Prior to the flood the human race and animals lived together hand in hand. Everyone was basically vegetarian. Once the flood was in place that is when eating meat was allowed again with strict rules for it. It was not about being or not being compassionate, but about staying alive. There was no to very little vegetation since the planet was under water. The fall of Adam and Eve was really the beginning of this cycle of destruction and anger and cruelty. Look at their sons! Even Jesus gave us more wiggle room of eating meat, but still had rules as to what and what not to eat. It has been said that it is possible Jesus was a pescaterian. But there is really not sure proof of that.

The one thing I would comment here is to not be judgmental of your Mormon friends food choice. As you too do not want her to judge you and your reasons for not eating meat etc. you too should give her the same respect. As much as I would love to see the world all go vegetarian, we all know that will not happen. Just as I would love to see the entire world have faith tin Jesus Christ, we also know that will NOT happen. Point? We need to get along and stop being so darn judgmental of other peoples choice in their food. If we give them the seed of information (truth) and they decide not to run with it then it will be them that will suffer.

I became a vegetarian before actually studying the bible. I was agnostic for years and before that Catholic. I stopped eating meat because I know they feel pain and had my eyes opened. I've been a vegetarian for a year and a half. I get ridiculed for it, but that doesn't stop me. I've asked people why do they eat meat and I get different responses; none of which are religious based. I had someone tell me that vegetarians diseases more often than meat eaters. I don't believe this so called study it came from. I've heard of vegans living long healthy lives. Some people I've heard of had diseases, like cancer, went began and the diseases went into remission. The meat eaters that I know think that need to confirm their standards because it's better. I'll stick to my own standards.

Exactly what I was saying. However, I never thought about being vegan in heaven. That's good. It's true. There is no death in heaven so it goes to say we would be vegan. Good thing I already started down here.

The true Bible doesn't say eat meat.Bible today is subjected for adding and subtracting. In reality is that before Lord Jesus Christ appeared in this planet Lord Buddha already taught about non violence and Jesus himself is a vegetarian, if you notice when the disciple of Jesus offered him a fish and yogurt he only took  yogurt because he knows that the real essence.Aside from that people today cannot understand what the meaning of "thou shall not kill" being said in the bible.So now a days I can say the people today is not more knowledgeable than before. They just following the wrong path which is adapting the wrong habit or adapting the bad behavior. I suggest to everyone that just try to observe and understand it what the worlds facing today and compare it from past to present and know wha thet real cause. AND YOU WILL KNOW THE FEAR IS COMING....BOOOOOOOMMMMM...!!!!!  

Spirituality is a must but religions are its by-products. 

Spirituality is simply an evolutionary expansion of love, empathy and conscience toward other individuals. When someone is willing to scarify the self to avoid hurting others, he is actually benefiting himself because spiritual evolution is a journey towards self-perfection.

Religions are simply decorations of excuses and deceits reflecting the beastly indulgence of selfishness, lust and greed that conflicting with love, empathy and conscience. When someone is willing to die for his religion even if he must hurt or eat others, it simply means that he is willing to die for his selfishness, lust and greed.

Throughout the ages, spirituality and religions are always wrestling with each other as evolution and degeneration are always wrestling with each other.

Every time when some minority had announced their achievement of spiritual evolution, the majority spontaneously spent generations of efforts to distort it and revert it to suit their own tendency to degeneration.

That's not what the bible says at all. Maybe people could actually read it before taking a position on it....just say'in!


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