So I have a friend who is a very strict Mormon. She will do anything and everything for her religion. Sometimes when I talk to her about becoming vegetarian and the benefits for the planet, body, environment, and the sake of animals, she ends it by saying that the bible says it's okay. Apparently the bible says that man can eat anything that moves... I just normally say well if that's coming from the same book that says gays are a disgrace, how does it have anything to do with real people getting real health problems from eating meat? She just kind of stands there speechless and says that I should follow God and his right ways because it'll do me good in the future and for my body... She also eats it for "strength" 

What would you say to someone like her who is very religious? Has this happened to you? If not, what would you say? 

Thanks :D

BTW- I hope I didn't offend anyone! 

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The Holy Bible wasn't written in the times of factory farming. I personally don't appreciate anyone who uses the Bible as an excuse to do the wrong thing and I know God feels the same.

Tell her you ARE eating according to what God gave in Genesis 1:29, the original diet given to humans (before they insisted on eating dead animals), which was in fact vegan. Bible prophecy also holds that in the future New Earth, there will be no death, and even predators will eat veggies. It also speaks of eating fruit and leaves in the future world (as Genesis 1:29 did), but not animals. (Isaiah chapters 11: through 11:9 and 65:17 and 25, and Revelation 21:4 and 22:2, for starters.)
Genesis 1:29 is God's perfect will, given before sin shows up.
In the Bible, God meets people where they are and His PERMISSIVE will is not to be confused with His PERFECT will. For example, He told the Israelites "Thou shalt not avenge", but gave them the system of cities of refuge where an accused killer could run for a fair trial, because He knew they wouldn't listen and would follow the ancient code of vengeance anyway. He gave them codes regulating slavery and polygamy because they weren't ready to let those things go. He told them in Leviticus 11 which animals were relatively clean or unclean from a health standpoint. Why? Same reason: In Numbers 11, when the people wailed and threw a fit because they were getting manna and not meat, they were allowed to kill a large number of quail (a "clean" type of animal) that flew low over the camp. He warned them they would get sick and have it coming out their noses - which they did. Some died. It is very clear He was not happy about this. It speaks of His "wrath" there, which is defined in Psalm 78 and Romans 1 as when He gives people up, gives them over to the detrimental thing THEY have chosen.

Eating for strength? Many athletes, including a high percentage of endurance sports leaders, are vegetarian or vegan. So, not a reason.
It is possible that nothing you say will make a difference. But if you can smile and keep it cordial, she might think about it.


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