So I have a friend who is a very strict Mormon. She will do anything and everything for her religion. Sometimes when I talk to her about becoming vegetarian and the benefits for the planet, body, environment, and the sake of animals, she ends it by saying that the bible says it's okay. Apparently the bible says that man can eat anything that moves... I just normally say well if that's coming from the same book that says gays are a disgrace, how does it have anything to do with real people getting real health problems from eating meat? She just kind of stands there speechless and says that I should follow God and his right ways because it'll do me good in the future and for my body... She also eats it for "strength" 

What would you say to someone like her who is very religious? Has this happened to you? If not, what would you say? 

Thanks :D

BTW- I hope I didn't offend anyone! 

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I think if someone is really religious, then he will decide to live in compassion, love all the creatures, love lives, and become a vegetarian.

I am an atheist, but i believe, if heaven really exist, then there must be no killing in heaven. so how could someone kill and expect to be in heaven if there is no killing in heaven? doesn't the aim of a religion is to be in heaven?

I guess you´re right, but I´m afraid a lot of people don´t know what their aim is.

Sorry that i commenting but an Atheist dont belive.


well said...

I guess religion has nothing to do with eating meat or not. I, myself, just believe in myself & the nature, because nothing else makes sense to me. Eating my friends is not a sin, it´s just doesn´t right.

All I can say is that I am a very devout Roman Catholic and there seems to be a huge groundswell of vegans in the church, throughout the world,  You would be probably very surprised to find very religious people who abide by and align themselves with veganism which also brings more balance into their lives.  I am quite surprised to hear of some real unbelievers and non believers.  There is a lot of documentation and writing that Christ himself was vegetarian and/or vegan.  Of course there is also the Seventh Day Adventist Church whose members are all vegetarian and vegan.  I respect and appreciate all of their cookbooks and faithful people who promote well being as a result of a faithful vegan diet.  Being vegan and vegetarian makes perfect sense to me especially when it is backed up with faithful teachings.I could not imagine being vegan and not believe in the miracles that create health and the miracles in the plant food. How does one look into the eyes of a cat, dog, cow or any animal for that matter and know that some thing greater than me created this for a greater purpose?  Bless us all for choosing the vegan way..and we see the Light, in what ever form that may take to some of us...

So, all I can say in response to your question Katie, is that you cannot teach the unenlightened who do not wish to be enlightened.  Some how and in some way, she will be humbled and discover that she has incorrect thinking and an incorrect lifestyle not to embrace a very healthy and enlightened life.  Veganism and vegetarianism is complimentary to any faith and she has no idea how much she would benefit from religiously vegan diet.  Actually, perhaps that is what she is afraid if...that veganism is a religion all on its own.  Maybe you could let her know that it is not a formal religion and would not interfere with being saint like and embracing being vegan.  

Very well said.

She needs to read Genesis.

Frankly, I've read a bit of the Mormon bible- one of it's teachings is that dark skin is a curse from God. How seriously can you take a book like that? If a book told me that it was okay to murder a certain type of person, I'd throw that book away. This is our world, a new era of which the major religions do NOT identify with. Keep your God, keep your Bible if you wish, but you must have common sense, and not ignore the enlightenment of our own times- and that is all beings are equal, and all deserve life. No one deserves to die for you, nor for your beliefs! No one can hide behind a verse in a book and feel justified; if you cause suffering, it is on your own head, because it was up to you to be compassionate, not to feel it when told to.

According to the Bible, before the Flood all people were vegetarian.  After the Flood permission was given to eat meat.  I have never read or heard that man was even given permission to eat anything that moves!  The Book of Leviticus clearly lists all attributes that an animal must have before it is fit for human consumption. I feel that there is no longer any need to eat animal flesh as the earth's vegitation has recovered since the flood.


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