So I have a friend who is a very strict Mormon. She will do anything and everything for her religion. Sometimes when I talk to her about becoming vegetarian and the benefits for the planet, body, environment, and the sake of animals, she ends it by saying that the bible says it's okay. Apparently the bible says that man can eat anything that moves... I just normally say well if that's coming from the same book that says gays are a disgrace, how does it have anything to do with real people getting real health problems from eating meat? She just kind of stands there speechless and says that I should follow God and his right ways because it'll do me good in the future and for my body... She also eats it for "strength" 

What would you say to someone like her who is very religious? Has this happened to you? If not, what would you say? 

Thanks :D

BTW- I hope I didn't offend anyone! 

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There are plenty of Bible verses about eating animal flesh. just cite her some of them, so that she could realize how wrong she is for eating meat. 

Yes there are Bible verses that speak to eating meat but they're sequential. You can't just pluck them out of sequence or out of context or just take one or two line excerpts if you're truly interested in understanding and / or conveying what the message (the big picture) is. I realize many do that to highlight their agendas but it's disingenuous.
Likewise, I appreciate the efforts of Vegetarians, all forms of vegetarians but they should realize if they don't already, that eating eggs and dairy directly contributes to factory farming abuse and animal slaughter. The fact that Vegetarians don't eat the meat of the animals they support slaughtering doesn't make the slaughter any less real.

When a male calf is. Born, he's sent to slaughter for the veal industry. When a cow stops or slows in milk production, she is sent to slaughter. Even organic cows end up in slaughter. Supporting the dairy industry supports animal abuse and slaughter.

When chicks are sexed and determined to be male, they're typically ground up to become fertilizer or feed. Chickens kept for egg production undergo beak mutilation without anesthetic. Eating eggs and egg products supports the torture and slaughter of chickens.

Instead of telling someone else to cite bible verses so you don't have to look them up yourself, why not read the bible so you can learn first hand that Christians have been given choices and that life is a series so to speak, of choices and consequences to those choices. The bible is clear about this. People who are not religious or who choose to believe something else should not burden themselves with the task of Deciphering what another's religious book means. I imagine it means something different to them anyway and I'm sure you wouldn't bother doing that with the Pali Cannon or the Quran?
I'm not vegetarian, I'm Pescatarian. I'm not trying to speak from a moral high ground, I'm only speaking the truth as I perceive it and in my opinion, being vegetarian does not spare lives and it still promotes the slaughter of animals.

Animals are not slaughtered for their meat alone. Animals are slaughtered and mutilated and tortured as a bi-product of the egg and dairy industry as well so again, just because you don't eat the meat, doesn't mean you don't support slaughter when you purchase eggs and dairy.

We have to be able to acknowledge what goes on, especially if we do what we do for compassion. I think there are a lot of vegetarians out there who still haven't connected the dots.
As bad as conditions are for chickens raised for meat, they're worse for birds in the egg industry. The average battery hen has it worse than the average veal calf so much so that I almost wish people would consider giving up eggs before giving up veal. Of the 300 million laying hens in the United States 95 percent are kept in wire battery cages allowing each hen an average of 67 square inches of space, less than the size of a standard sheet of paper. Hens need 303 square inches just to be able to spread and flap her wings. They're afforded no room to perform preening, bathing, nesting or other natural behaviors. There are typically 8 or 9 hens to a cage and the cages are stacked so excrement falls from the top cages to the lower ones causing “ammonia burn” and other diseased conditions. Laying hens are also debeaked as chicks meaning, their beaks are seared off. This is done because otherwise they would peck each other to death in their overstuffed living conditions. Add to that fact, males are killed right out of the gate but for the fact they're males, there is nothing compassionate or humane about consuming eggs, there just isn't.

I agree, making an effort to reduce suffering should be commended and I do but I'm afraid many just don't know what it takes to put eggs on the table and I think everyone deserves to know the truth so they can make educated decisions that represent their values.
You can also finish your sentence in the following way... "If everyone would be a vegetarian" billions of animals would still be slaughtered, tortured and mutilated for the egg and dairy industry.

I just think vegetarians who realize this might also be willing to take the next step now which is to cut out eggs and dairy all together. There are so many easy and delicious ways to substitute eggs and there are so many delicious plant based milks on the market. It's easier than most people realize once you decide.
Believe me when I say, I couldn't agree with you more. It's hard to be deeply passionate about something so important and not come across as bitter and angry, especially in written text. I gave up eggs and milk long ago but I'm not Vegan. I'm not sure if I'll ever be or even if I want to be. Life is a journey and you have to find your own way but it's important to have the truth so you can make sound decisions about your life.
Instinct tells us to survive and God put that instinct in to us, this goes for the animals also. Why would an animal run for survival when in the face of danger, maybe because it is not meant to be killed, well at least not by humans. Mankind can survive without killing it is in no way necessary. It's a nasty feeling that comes when looking at corpses and mankind is meant to be the intelligent species. Instinct was created by God! By killing you are going against God's instinct! The true feeling of love exists amongst animals also they are equally distraught when one of their family members is taken away from them.
Not to play devils advocate here :) but instinctive killing for food goes back to the dawn of man. Eskimos can't exactly grow squash and peas in their climate. But regardless of where you live, or what age or culture you come from, true and immediate hunger has driven and will continue to drive man to kill just as it drives animals to kill animals.

We have to remember that even though food might be plentiful where we are, that is not the case everywhere. There are places where the only real protein source available is obtained by eating insects for example.

That said, killing out of necessity in a poor country is not paralleled to factory farming in a wealthy country.

I agree with everything you just said you cant paint a picture with just one colour

Christians cant be swayed on any argument dont bother tryin their book tells them their right and that makes their views right and your just unenlightened, vegetarians and vegans can be just as self righteous. if she wants to eat meat dont try to change her mind, but if she asks why dont give her your honest reasons, she'll make her own choices after that but dont let her ideals affect yours and dont push yours on her even if your right for not eatin the carcasses of tormented creatures ;)

Hey Mahboob,

Interesting, yes I have heard similar stories. I've had the opportunity to study religion and philosophy for a couple of years and what I found was quiet surprising. There are a variety of religious groups who are strict vegetarians, one or two who happen to be Christian too.

My understanding is that from the biblical perspective God created man to be vegetarian, in fact fruit n seed atarians! That was mans original diet, it was not until after the flood that mankind was permitted to eat meat, interestingly enough there life span also decreased too! That aside God specifically told them what they could eat and not eat, clean and unclean meats.

As you follow the history down to the Egyptian times the same is still applied. In fact it seems the original intention was to go back to the original diet,vegetarian, though it seems that people did not want to adhere to that! Archeologists during their excavations discovered that the Egyptians suffered from our modern day diseases too! God had warned that should people continue in a similar course the same would happen to them too!

Jumping far forward to Christ's time, the same principles apply to diet, clean and unclean, where most Christians have supposedly misapplied the bible is where they believe Christ, Paul declared all foods clean. Which as far as I am aware the Christian groups point out that is a misinterpretation of scripture.

I have Many Christian friends who are vegetarian and strict vegans too, they strongly believe that the bible is pointing back to the original diet from eden and they also believe that meat eating is a moral issue too!

Look forward to your thoughts Mahboob


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