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I'm ovo-lacto-vegetarian for 5 years now. Lately I've started wondering if I should stop drinking milk as I realized that we separated cows from their babies during the milking process. But I've read that cows have to be milked, otherwise their teats begin to swell and it hurts them.
So, what do you think? If we don't milk them it hurts too? Or did I read something wrong?

Thanks for your answers :)

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I think they do need to b milked. A human mother sometimes has to pump her breasts if she has more milk than her kid can feed on. Our neighbors were dairy farmers and the cows would come from the pasture on their own to b milked. On the other hand, I would b very careful where I buy the milk from. Some keep the calf separated to use all the milk. Some of the conditions inthe farms are just as cruel as the slaughterhouses only not ending in death as often. Also, I would buy only organic milk. I recently read an article that they want to put aspartame in milk. Why? I have no idea.

That's ridiculous. We don't need to be farming cows in the first place.

Us mammals don't NEED to be milked - otherwise, pregnant mothers would never ever stop lactating.  Our bodies stop when the baby is grown.  Organic milk is still the product of rape and a grieving mother who is missing her baby.  :(

I know a few human mothers who would pump their breasts when there was too much milk.

So did they die if they didn't pump?  No, they pump so they can feed their baby and continue to produce milk.  If they stop nursing/pumping, their bodies will stop producing the milk.  DUH, where were you in biology class ?

I've nursed three children and when I produced to much milk and became engorged, my breasts leaked. I could use a breast pump if it became painful, but for me stepping in to a hot shower was enough to release the flow and the problem quickly self corrected  :)  

I have to agree with Karen; lactation begins with childbirth for that child only. Once suckling ceases, milk production ceases shortly thereafter. Continuing to stimulate lactation by artificial means is neither necessary nor helpful to the mother. 

Personally, I find forcing an animal to become pregnant just to take her baby away and steal her milk morally repugnant. 

Yes they do need to be milked if they have too much and nobody to drink it! But I have heard that sometimes cows are milked so much that their utters begin to bleed. So what does that say? Messed up. 

You heard wrong, cows are no different than any other mammal.  The udders begin to bleed from all the overuse and brutal milking machines.  How would you like someone to hook up a device like that to you?

It can go either way. Look into the places that you get milk from. Some places actually let the milk cows roam free (as they are supposed to), because the cows come back to get milked.

The cows don't come back to get milked, they come back to get fed.  They get milked while they eat.

No, they eat in the pasture where the grass is. Cows do not eat grain though some places force them too. Im not sure any species is supposed to eat grain. If they are in the pasture where the grass is, why the hell would they come in and eat grain?

They force feed them?  That is ludicrous, seriously.


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