Hi everyone!

I'm ovo-lacto-vegetarian for 5 years now. Lately I've started wondering if I should stop drinking milk as I realized that we separated cows from their babies during the milking process. But I've read that cows have to be milked, otherwise their teats begin to swell and it hurts them.
So, what do you think? If we don't milk them it hurts too? Or did I read something wrong?

Thanks for your answers :)

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This highlights the importance of knowing where your food comes from. If you are going to consume animal products, and you wish to do so as ethically as possible, there is no substitution for going to meet the (organic, free range) farmer.

Slavery is slavery... And that's a good observation, we're the only species to do that, and it's ludicrous!

Great! Thanks for the links Melanie :)

No, we don't have to milk them... We don't even need to fucking farm them, I can't believe this is still brought up as an issue for discussion. The milk industry is the veal industry is the meat industry. If we didn't farm them in the first place this wouldn't even be up for discussion. Do you milk a moose in the woods because it produced a little more than her calf can drink at the moment?

We don't need milk after we're babies, most especially not milk from another species. Please go vegan for your own good and the good of the world...

Why are there so many angry vegans? I am happy as a vegetarian and reading all these angry comments, makes me want to NEVER become a vegan. I thought this is a vegetarian/vegan friendly site. I dont get this much ridicule from a meat eater.

Just one of those things Dara; people are passionate about their dietary choices and this can turn into frustration/anger when other people don't see or do things in the same way. Some people find this off-putting like yourself but I generally find it better to be forgiving and/or take the Buddhist/Ladakhi philosophy of "what's the point [in arguing, being offended, whatever]".

You will get a lot of ridicule from meat eaters if you tell them you are vegan, believe me, they will think they have the right to criticize everything you eat, think and do.  Yes, we do get angry but that is because it is so incredibly frustrating that people will continue to find ways to justify the exploitation and slavery of animals.  Its not okay no matter how you try to justify it. 

I understand the frustration, but how do you tell them you are a vegan? Why are you telling them? If you make it their business to know, they will make it their business to ridicule. Not wanting you to answer those, but just think. I feel like a lot that get angry are not at peace with themselves. We have someone here asking aa genuine question, and its like she fed herzelf to the dogs. Remember when you became a vegetarian? Did someone argue you into it? Arguing makes people feel defensive and will never see things from your end. I was hoping this site would help me get some.answers to my questions as a new vegetarian. Now I dont think I want to because I will get attacked! Is that fair?
I'm a vegan and didn't attack :D

But, yes. People can be very mean. But I think it is from passion. But also frustration is part of it, as others have said.

No matter what you do in life, no matter how hard you try, there will be someone to disagree. Just like music. I am constantly being told how the music I listen to is terrible. I don't care.

You shouldn't be so sensitive :) I don't like the fact that vegans can. be mean. But I guess it is thefrustration that people don't see the bigger picture about dairy. Just like people who eat meat don't see the bigger picture about abbatoirs.

I hope it hasn't put you off from further posting :D

Also, I don't tell people, unless they ask. I can get upset from their comments.
Thank you for that. Like, I dont get offended when I deal with a meat eater guess cuz you kind of expect it. Hell, the only meat eater that gave me a hard time used to be a vegetarian herself. Sad, I know. Its just that it feels worse coming from a vegan. Where does a vegetarian fit in? I dont think vegetarians or vegans want to do anything that they know for sure hurts an animal, so instead of fighting with each other,..lets just team up. :)

This explains everything my dear. Don't drink milk when there are so many other alternatives https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgwzwRiF2qw&feature=youtube_gda...

Morally and personally, they wouldn't "need" to be milked if their babies weren't taken from them after birth. Like humans, the only reason the milk is produced by the mother is to nourish the child. When there is no pregnancy, there is no lactation. 


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