I think i couldn't, please tell me your experiences and reasons.

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Because it's very important for the animals, for my health, and for the environment.

What will be really different if you eat milk and its products only. Cause here in Nepal, Cow are not supposed to be slaughtered also.

Cow's milk is meant for baby calf, not for human. There has been a lot of study showing that milk is not healthy for human, is not suitable for human. And beside, everyone know that milk industry is the same cruel as meat industry. Once the cows cannot produce milk anymore, they are slaughtered too. So what's the difference?

So, for me... going vegan is very important.

What about the male calves?

I intend to go vegan once I have the means.

A lot of dairy cows are not treated well--small spaces, etc.--and over half who are given rBST become crippled as a result. In order to give milk, they need to become pregnant, which is usually forced. Their male offspring are usually turned into veal or steaks. With chickens, they're usually in cramped areas, even if they're labeled "free range" eggs, and they're not fed a healthy, natural diet. Once either a chicken or a cow is too old to produce eggs or milk, they typically are killed for meat themselves.

Well, I'm also working on it gradually.  I was a natural born vegetarian and always hated milk and was forced to drink it, but I do love cheese and always did, and during my pregnancies, since I was always very low on iron doctors told me that I have to eat meat.  I did, and stopped as soon as I was done having kids.

The reason to become a vegan can be as big as this:  For centuries humans have worked very very hard on themselves, on destroying this planet by cutting down forests, building factories, killing animals for all sorts of reasons and eating them way more than their organism should be able to handle etc etc.  The balance is ruined.

NOW animals are dying more and more just so we can be fed, that includes my cheese, and your milk and cheese and yogurt or whatever you are eating else.   VERY soon there will no longer be enough animals, and we will all HAVE TO become vegan. A couple of more generations, and everyone will be forced to be vegan.

Makes sense?  

Good luck :D

Your doctor was an a-hole. You shouldn't have given in because he was lying to you. There are foods out there that give you more iron than meat, and surely they are not from animal flesh. Girls, don't listen to anyone who tells you you need to eat animals to get your nutrients because it's all bull...

Ananta, PLEASE watch the documentary Earthlings and you will see the horrors that animals are put through so that humans can make a quick profit and use/sell/eat their flesh/skins/products. The exploitation is awful, but it is nothing compared to the physical and mental anguish they are forced through.

Ok, I'm going through all your suggestions. I'm living in Hindu society where cow is treated as mother and treated as sin to uproot even a single 'fur / hair' (what is it exactly called) from her skin (due to religious reasons) but Ox is used to tillage the crop field. Personally i avoid milk and other products (yogurt) in my house (not outside) but i couldn't avoid ghee (boiled butter) what is commonly used here as oil substitute in cooking vegetables or frying; make me very difficult to find cooked food sometimes w/o ghee.

Even after the cow stop to give milk or baby calves or old OX which could no longer be used for tillage operation are supposed to be set free in forest or other sanctuary but not allowed to kill them, its against religion and also law. I heard that there is being practice to collect these animals and take them across the border to India because its open border but even it is Illegal. But its not the same for Buffalo (another animal used here for milking purpose) but there is not such practice of milking goat and other animals here as far I know.

So its very hard to avoid me milk while I'm out with friends or else. But I avoid cheese after I came to know its not only dairy products but I never ate chicken and eggs in my lifetime until now.

I'm always against animal torture and until now I even haven't gone for Elephant Safari although Chitwan (my village) is world famous for this tour.

Love you all, and understand my English even if it is worse. 

It certainly is up to everyone themselves where they draw the line of what is acceptable or not. You seem to live in a society where the animals are still treated with respect. Of course that's a lot better than what we are doing to them in mass production. And I can understand people who draw their line between these two methods of dairy production.

For myself, now after I'm not used to it anymore, I've started to find milk and eggs a little bit disgusting. Also, using animals for anything is still a form of slavery for me, even if you don't kill any animals in the process and are treating them decently. They are deprived of their freedom just for the pleasure of humans which can easily be also met using only plant-based products. If a human slave is not treated badly, has a nice room for him- or herself, good food, will not be hurt physically, slavery for humans in any form is still considered wrong, and rightly so. I have the same ethical objections to non-human animal slavery. But as I said, everyone has to draw their line for themselves.

Ananta,  You have many replies here to consider but I just want to say I feel proud of you because you are a very good human being who is willing to ask questions and consider a different way.  This shows great intelligence.  So many people do not ask questions in case they don't like the answers.  Well done and bless you.


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