Will you take the medication tested on animals to save your life?

Will you take the medication tested on animals to save your life? This question I ask myself for several times. I'm not in this situation yet, but if. Is it hypocrite to save your life if it costs so many animal lifes?

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i don' t think it's a good idea imagining such a situation. that's because you may be so sensitive and respectful towards animals that you are strongly convinced you will never take a medicine tested on them, even if you have to die..you may think that's nature, it has been decided i have to pass on, why should i change the course of life and get a poor monkey, or a sweet little mouse die?.. but it is just a hypothesis..the problem is this: what if u get really ill? reality is kinda different, you will never understand something unless you get in it! you know there are those brave souls, those people who keep their ideas as reason for being, but as for me.. and i suppose for many others vegetarians or animals sensitive, i don t know.. i strongly state their rights and the respect they deserve, anyway my life vs "natural justice" is a quite difficult choice.. isn't it? afterall, darwin says that we live in a endless fight for survive.. in the end, i just give you my modest advise: live your life, "carpe diem", and make your decisions when you're deeply involved in it! of course it's not a general rule, sometimes you'd better think ahead, anyway in this case, it may be wiser. bye!:)

Yes, I will, but I will also fight to find alternative ways of developing medicine, so that this trend can be changed.  We are all bound to the time in which we live. 

It's an interesting discussion. I feel that survival is every being's right. If it comes down to your own life, I don't think anyone can judge you for choosing to survive- the responsibility falls on the government to provide cruelty free options, options that are kinder to the environment and to the animals. It's not the same as being for instance, some piece of garbage who buys animal products for fashion, or to enjoy their Big Macs. 

Well said. i agree. :)

I'd like to answer this question from a slightly different angle. If my partner depended on medicine tested on animals in order to keep him healthy, let alone alive, I would do everything in my power to provide him with it. This is true of any of my family or people I care about. There is no doubt in my mind that faced with a choice between compromising my morals and saving the life of a loved one or sticking with my beliefs at the expense of another human beings life, well I would choose the former every time. Selfish, perhaps, but I challenge anyone to claim the opposite. 

In a heart beat. That said, I'd like to see a better method testing developed  and utilized in to main stream.

I've been thinking like that too, and i would rather save another animals life than my own.

I've been thinking like this: If the doctors tell me that if i don't start eating meat again i will die, and every time i've told myself that no life should be ended so mine could be saved... 

wow... your doctors sound like morons! I guess you have here a huge group of people who can prove them wrong, if not according to them we should all be dead... 

BTW, doctors are not people who want to help you anymore, now doctors are people who want to explore you, who want money and who serve the pharmaceutical companies that are poisoning the world! Everyday that passes i get more convinced of that, all the people who are working in the wealth area are turning into greedy people who only want money. Now if you go to the dentist they dont want to make the treatment that you need, they want to make that and plenty more that are unnecessary... they are selling their products and making sure that youll come back next time!

We are lost... corrupted society.. and we all are part of this and subside it! :(

The way I see it, we should take care of our bodies first, and medication must be tested in some way, if it is on animals or humans, I see no difference other than the human understanding what is going on. The real question is if you would take a pig artery for yourself? 

It depand what kind of tests. It can be done with a real respect for the animals without giving death or causing unnecessary suffers to prove the efficency.

This. And I doubt 90% of the people who will say no would actually do it.
It would make no sense to suddenly give up life for since we are not giving up things way more trivial.

Being vegan is not being cruelty free if someone lives in a city and uses anything industrially made, if we don't even give up comfort it makes no sense to jump so many steps to suddenly give up life.

Actually its been proven that animals do not react the same way to those drugs as animals, so all the animals that are killed in those tests are killed for nothing, because those medicine will also have to be tested in several humans before passing..

And lets not forget, these pharmaceutical companies use poor countries like several countries in Africa and Asia to test their drugs, disguising them as flu shots and etc... 

In other hand i do not think Humans are superior to all the other animals, they are not things to be used by humans for whatever mean they want... Animals are not here to serve humans! So why do we think they are?

Most of our diseases are provoked by humans, they are tempting to control the population by inserting new diseases without cure, or that take a lot of drugs and treatments that will generate a lot of MONEY for these pharmaceutical companies who supposedly should be helping us, not make us sicker! But the TRUTH is that they want us to be SICKER and with more problems, they want us to depend on them. in the end they are so damn protected by governments and institutions that they are basically playing GOD!!! 


NOw its time for the new generation to change this, to demand for animals rights in this world controlled by humans! 


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