Will you take the medication tested on animals to save your life?

Will you take the medication tested on animals to save your life? This question I ask myself for several times. I'm not in this situation yet, but if. Is it hypocrite to save your life if it costs so many animal lifes?

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Its not about the specific medication. Its about the pharmaceutical companies. If you stop taking "drug A" because it is tested on animals, but then spend your money with the same company on "drug B", how is it any different? Your money is still going to the same company.

Yes it is a confronting topic, made even more difficult by the fact that every major pharma company tests on animals and humans. It is done to humans in the same way as animals. in developing countries, often without their consent (babies and adults with intellectual impairment). Or very poor people are simply bought for the purpose of testing. Can you imagine and an indian farmer desperate to feed his family knocking back $100 to jab a few needles in his arm?

You realise pharmaceutical companies do clinical trials on humans? 

These trials are generally conducted in developing nations, on poor, uneducated and desperate people. Pharmaceutical companies literally go into desperate villages, offer people a couple of $$ to jab all sorts of 'medicines' into their bodies. There are many documented cases in Africa and India of trials being conducted on newborn babies without parents consent/knowledge.  Adults living with mental illnesses are also often targeted. MANY PEOPLE DIE IN THE PROCESS OF TESTING THESE "MEDICINES"

We are all Earthlings, I see no difference between testing on humans or animals, but for some people knowing that babies have died at the hands of a company they are purchasing aspirin from could make a difference. 


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