Witty and clever comebacks to snide and provocative remarks about vegism

Whenever someone says "but bacon and sausages taste so good" or "but plants have feelings, too", I just dont know what to say in response. Does anyone have any good comebacks?

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I hate when people use their selfish taste buds as an excuse. Soysauge and fakin' bacon can be just as good once you learn how to make them. Regardless, you should say, "Since we can lead healthy, happy and fulfilling lives w/o harming those who share this world with us, why on earth wouldn't we?" If they still go on about their tastebuds, then they are not being receptive and you should vegan on elsewhere. After all, human meat may taste great, but any reasonable person realizes that it's not a reason to chow down on fellowman. Plants don't have feelings. Even if they did, guess what? By not eating animals, you're eating less plants because it takes so much more plants to feed animals in turn to feed humans. Therefore, by going to straight to the source, you are reducing their suffering. We can't subsist on air. Do the least amount of harm. I hope that helps! <3

Just smile.    They are just trying to make you feel bad.   

When someone recently told me that meat tasted good, I told them it was bland. They refused and I asked, "Do you put spices on your meat?" Of course the answer is always yes, and spices are vegan. If meat tasted so good on it's own, why do they have to put plant-based products on it to season it at all? We don't have to sprinkle meat onto a tomato to make it taste good. And I've never had anyone try the "plants have feelings" line with me, it sounds like they're just trying to be obnoxious. Plants do not have a nervous system, so no in fact, they do not have feelings. Plants are not sentient. 

I also like to bring up that if we're supposed to eat meat, then why does it give people things like cancer and high cholesterol? If we were meant to eat it, surely it wouldn't do such harm to our bodies. Just because we've "always eaten it" as some people claim, clearly our bodies are still in protest. And people have always raped and murdered, but that doesn't excuse that behavior. I had that argument with my father recently, and he goes, "Well actually rape and murder ARE natural." And I just said, "Maybe for you but I haven't raped or killed anyone lately" LOL he wasn't happy but his answer was ridiculous. 

That is another great point. Reminds me of this pic:

LOL I love this!

Great picture, and point!

i want a tshirt with this on it!

nice comment,made me think

haha i like your style! ive used the rape and murder argument before and there isnt normally a come back to it :)

Never understood the plants have feelings too argument.  Plants do not have brains and nervous systems. They do not think or have anything that we could consider consciousness. They react to conditions in a predictable manner.  Wish someone explain that 'but plants have feelings too' argument to me one day!

There was a stupid movie called the Secret Life of Plants...

Never heard of that one but wouldn't go near this one either.


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