Witty and clever comebacks to snide and provocative remarks about vegism

Whenever someone says "but bacon and sausages taste so good" or "but plants have feelings, too", I just dont know what to say in response. Does anyone have any good comebacks?

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Feed me, Seymour!

Love that film.

Sorry for digressing so much Keshav. Audrey 2 would probably sort out your problems with carnivorous friends though. Been totally unhelpful haven't I!? I gave up trying to convince hardant carnivores to turn vegi a long time ago though.

no worries, it made me laugh! i havent seen the film this is from though, so i dont get the reference :(

I am glad we can agree to the concept that eating sentient beings is morally wrong. Now we just have to agree what constitutes a sentient being.

hey man I agree plants are living things but I here want to say that,

plants generate their food on by own. humans and other creatures cannot do so.

If we eat plants or veg food we can sow the seeds and regenerate their lives.

Its true that if one decides not to hurt emotions of plants, he will have to starve.

But if we eat non veg we cannot regenerate the killed animal or bird or otherwise.

We can say humans have created any creature only in case of cloning but it is forbidden.

when you cannot create or make anything at least stop killing and destroying it. 

I do respect nature and in food chain I don't want to be on top of it. That's the right of other wild animals as when they kill any animal they also help nature by fertilizing jungle by their waste, they control population of other species which is necessary. Else we can see what type of harm we humans are giving to nature when our population is increasing everyday.

I explain the them that the "feelings" plants have are chemical released to avoid pointless death. Just because a plant can react doesn't mean it has feelings.

As for the meat tastes so good I say yes it does. But so does my food and I can get meat flavor without causing harm to an animal.

actually, I have doubts that plants have feelings.  they just react to stimuli.

bacon and sausage do kinda smell good until you stop eating meat.  I still crave fats so I still eat a lot of cheese instead of meat.  I suppose if I ate a lot of avocados and nut butters, I could be vegan, but I haven't tried to switch yet.


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