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I think You all know about the gummy bears and their manufacturing process also slaughterhouses and what's happening there. 

But what are you guys thinking about the people which works in the institution like that? Don't they have another choice, can't they work in the flower garden or something? Always is a way out. If none wanted to work there industry would just die.

But the worst thing is that lots of people want to work there and they enjoy it.

I found this video today. Even worse are the comments... 


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Yeah, I didn't fancy watching that all the way through...

I watched whole ''Earthlings''. This video is nothing compared to that movie... :/

I didn't watch the video but I came across a facebook page once of someone who worked in a slaughter house. They were pretty appalling about it.  There are always going to be cruel people in the world. It's unfortunate but true.

I study all of everything that involves factory farming. It is my goal in life to lobby for animals rights and shut down places like this.
Some videos people just abuse the mess out of animals. I am not saying I know- but my guess would be its a generation thing. Their grandpa worked on a farm and so did their dad... the meat industry has always been beyond abusive and disgusting, but with increasing demand in meat the conditions have just gotten worse. They followed the family traid and they dont see anything wrong with it. Again I am not saying I know everything. Its just my guess- but some people enjoy making another being suffer.
also, in the US, many of the workers are recruited (by the meat packers mind you) from Mexico and are working here illegally. They are then abused by the employer because they cant say anything or else they will get deported. So what is that poor employee supposed to do? Suck it up and feed their families, or say something and loose what little they already gave? They also take advantage of our own who are extremely poor and desolate So the abuse does not stop with tge animals. Perhaps we shouldnt be too suprised.

hard 2 watch something alive then turned into a rotting pile of muscle fat and organs in such a quick time.  Honestly how these ppl get used to working like that is beyond me.  I think the people working here have kind of sold theirs souls already.      "He who does not respect life does not deserve it"

People who enjoy working in these jobs are not normal. But, a lot of them do not have a choice. If we just stopped this industry and grew more vegetables and such, there would be no need for these jobs. It is very naive, I know. But one can dream.

Great photo too! I would print a wallet size version, and keep it in my wallet, to shock people who push me too far :P Though, I am not that vindictive.

it says "private video". I can't see it for some reason :/

i can't watch it either..

I cant seem to watch it either 


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