Would you be back eating meat again if someone special in your life asking you to eat meat?

Will you be back eating meat again if someone special in your life asking you to eat meat?

I personally will not eating meat again. The most special things in my life is the life itself, the life of animals, the life of all creatures.

How about you? 

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No way!!!

Oh no. I wouldn't want to sacrifice the life of thousands for the sake of one! The special person should respect my choice. I won't force my beliefs onto that person though.


A special person in my life should respect my decissions...

Be strong bro, is for you to change that someone so she can be someone to the mother earth like you

I would say that person doesn't consider me as special as I consider them if they don't understand how important being vegan is to me.

Definitely not.

I would not go back myself eating meat for no one,take me as I am,or not take me at all.


No - besides, "someone special" would not ask you to sacrifice your principles. That someone would respect your choices, or they wouldn't be "special".


I think it would come to light pretty quick how I feel about animal cruelty, so we'd never get to a special status if it we weren't like minded.

My husband and I sort of feed off each other, kicking around ideas and thoughts. If one of us has a thought that the other one can't argue a case against, then we pretty much do it. We very much value life, and we go out of our way to protect it. 

This year was a bad year for the barn swallows here. In the spring one day, while the sliding glass door was open, we had a pair come and start to nest in our dining room. The door has been open ever since, no air conditioner, lots of bugs, but we have thoroughly enjoyed our "roommates" and their clutches! 

Thank you for bringing to my forefront of thoughts, why I love my husband! 

Never. If they were truly special, they would respect my life decisions, and if they don't, then perhaps I don't need them in my life.


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