Would you be back eating meat again if someone special in your life asking you to eat meat?

Will you be back eating meat again if someone special in your life asking you to eat meat?

I personally will not eating meat again. The most special things in my life is the life itself, the life of animals, the life of all creatures.

How about you? 

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No. Why would anyone do that?

No way. For me, eating meat is out of options, even though I'm a very recent vegetarian (less than a year).

And just as everyone has said, if someone "special" asked me to eat meat, then they're not special at all.

If this people is so special, must understand my point and the world situation, before consider my returning to consume flesh. No way.

An even better question is can you see yourself in a relationship with someone who eats meat...and what are the chances of that working out? Not so good, most of the time. However, spending time with non-vegan/vegetarian folks provides the opportunity to expose them to the true facts about living healthy within a non-meat eating lifestyle and belief system. 

I agree with you. And if someone close to me insisted I ate meat, they would probably not be as close to them after they asked me to go against a strong belief/my personal lifestyle. I don't tell other people what to eat, just suggest they try new things :) 

No. That person would not be worth my time at all. If they're that special to you and feel the same towards you then they'll accept you don't eat meat and deal with it.

I haven't eaten meat in more than a decade I genuinely forget the taste 100% but when I smell it cooking that's enough to turn my stomach.

absolutely the same! I would never eat meat, even if the person I love the most asked me to.

definitely not.I would ask them to respect my choice 

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Absolutely not !!! If this "special " person in your life cannot respect your lifestyle as a vegetarian,then they are not the right person for you.

Absolutely not. 

Never! actually the only person who matters to me turned vegan after he dated me and he says he will never look back :)

No chance , I think it make more sense to date someone who understand my value too


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