Malaria causes the invasion of red blood cells, in case you don't know. It is transmitted from a female Anophele Mosquito.

In other words, would you rather get infected or kill the mosquito? 

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Hm. So- in this situation- I know the mosquito has malaria? To be honest when I feel a sting I slap my arm by instinct, I never kill mosquitos intentionally I run away from them screaming like a mad woman. But if I KNEW that an insect would make me sick and it was coming for me, I would kill it. I believe in self preservation above all else. You have the right to basic health! But I have never encountered a killer mosquito haha.

Well, most of them are plagues, like humans, so its a relieve for the world to have some gone! muahahahahah :3

I dont feel that much empathy for mosquitoes as i do for tigers or other species. They do belong in the animals chain but they dont belong in our houses or biting our ass's :) 

tricky situation! If there are many mosquitos, how would we know which one of them carries Malaria? 

then, the solution would be to kill them all (even non Malaria carrying ones) or not kill any of them.

The first option, though, would be similar to killing all people of a tribe even if one person has small pox or in a modern context, killing all birds, in fear of bird flu!

That is a good point. Weren't you the one who posted about the chickens being slaughtered because someone claimed they had bird flu? I forgot... still it's the same I agree. Fear can drive people to do unreasonable things.

I think Xiao started a discussion on bird flu but I may have commented on it. I think he had another discussion on mosquitoes too. Let me see if I can find those :)

oh absolutely! I was only pointing to some similar posts. I think it's totally fine to post again :) plus yours was specifically about malaria :)

Ahh ty :)

thanks for the picture. like I said before, I think the situation is tricky. I don't really know the best solution :)

to me it would be a dilema. I could only think of similar situations like the bird flu case or a case in which one person in a group of people carries a fatal infectious disease.

Thanks a lot for that image Humberto! It will haunt my day today lol! *Cringes*

Go to Africa and see how devastating Malaria is.  A curable disease that cost about 1 dollar or less for treatment.  I went on a medical mission there this past november/december, and literally saw people dieing and yes children from this.  Self preservation is important and a right I believe, if something or someone intends to hurt me or my family, expect an equal or greater response.  Just my opinion.



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