Malaria causes the invasion of red blood cells, in case you don't know. It is transmitted from a female Anophele Mosquito.

In other words, would you rather get infected or kill the mosquito? 

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Absolutely, if it's female. But I don't discriminate when they're still wrigglers as I can't tell the boys and girls apart in that state. For the record, if I may digress a bit, I also terminate the lives of termites, but only when they're damaging property; and ticks, because dogs can't do the dirty job themselves. What about fleas? No. There's a device for controlling them and it's called cat's tongue. 

use off avoid this problem in the first place


Im sorry but it doesnt have to have malaria. All iit has to do is make that most annoying sound in my ear. I rarely ever get it anyway.
Yes I will. It's self-defense:)

Yes, I will kill mosquitos, malaria or no. They carry a number of diseases and also spread heartworms in dogs. Everytime I  give my dogs a flea pill, or my cats a topical flea treatment I am killing bugs and feel zero guilt. I harm as little as possible, but have to put my own survival and those I am responsible for, first. 

I do not kill nonharmful bugs. Lady bugs are fine, will put moths outside and only kill spiders if it is of a poisonous species (brown recluse or black widow).


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