Well there could be many reasons, but most reasoning of almost anything we do in life comes from love or hatred.  For instance, you can play tennis because  you love it, or you can play it because you simply hate other sports and you have to do something.

Similarly, some people hate the idea of eating meat because of seeing animals die. Others don't think much about the subject of animals as food, but they just feel inclined to be vegetarian for reasons of loving vegetables!

Loving vegetables could be also for loving animals, but also for loving animals (not seeing them hurt).

So it is all intertwined, but so I guess what i am getting at, do you think for any reason, does vegetarianism help you to be more loving and less hateful, or is it unrelated?

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I had digestive health issues that led me to Vegetarianism in 1987.  Since I have progressed to Vegan.  For me, I do not think it makes me any more "loving or less hating"  It did and still does...curb my depression, fatigue, and lack of motivation and general clarity of mind.  That is why I say the cleaner I eat the better I feel.  I don't just mean that physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. :)  I also am one of the few Vegan's that does not LOVE animals.  I LIKE them a lot, but not a lover...  On that note, I am pleased that my life style helps save and encourages others to save animals.  That's like a bonus to me.

hey, ya, me too, thanks :)

I don't love animals that much either, I mean I love humans also just as much.  the cuter ones of both kind, I love more.  But eating them just isn't appealing to me.  I mean, eating muscles, fat, tissues, sucking on bones, uh, no thanks!

Right on, I hoped people wouldn't judge me for that statement. 

After I learned how detrimental meat was to my thyroid, I tried to ease up on it, and eventually made the resolution to become a pescie. I was focusing entirely too much still on fish even then, than on veggies; I found this forum, and I watched my first documentary on slaughterhouses. Throughout January, I became vegetarian, and then in February, Vegan. The more I learned, the more I decided what was the right way to live my life. I sleep 8 hours everyday, no longer toss and turn- my hair is in it's best health- my metabolism is near-normal again. Truthfully, I don't know if I would have stuck to it purely for myself, without having learned how horrible the whole process was. What benefits animals, humans, the environment- benefits myself... what better karma is there? :) 

hmmm, that last line sounds a lot like a positive force behind your diet.

I don't really hate people who kill animals because we are all part of the food chain, but I want to educate people to make better choices.  I believe in karma, so I know those lost souls in the slaughterhouse will be back, and maybe to wage war with their perpetrators! And so the cycle continues, but I just want to be out.  I want out.


Were you diagnosed with a thyroid condition? I ask because I have hypothyroidism and being veggie has definitely helped so much.

I became a vegetarian at age 13 and a vegan 3 years ago.

Over the course of those over 10 years, my views have strengthened. I've always done it for my love of animals and my morals that say hurting them is wrong, especially for what I feel are "selfish reasons" like wanting a steak. I used to be an animal welfarist but I am now into animal rights and liberation. My thoughts have developed into what "average people" would call "extreme".

I hope that when I'm done with college I can do more protesting and activism on the streets. I love educating people, I love handing out fliers, and I LOVE yelling at animal abusers.

hmmm, sounds like good fun!  i might also like to give out a yelp at people wearing furs, just to get their attention.

how about yelling at them, getting their attention, and then smiling and handing them a veggie snack?

or maybe a meat free company can agree to give free not-bacon packets to people who promise to not eat meat for a week or something?  hmmm, I think I will start it when I get back to the States.

I play tennis because I like it...but I initially gave up meat because of health issues. Now I find it more a moral issue....the more I read about the production of meat and dairy, the more it compels me to give up all meat and animal-sourced products. Having carnivores in the house makes life challenging, but it is what it is....I research menus when we go out, and am finding that most places are now at least vegetarian-friendly, though not quite vegan.....a work in progress.

Personally I no longer eat land animals because I can't kill them. I raise chickens and I killed one to eat and ended up having my friend finish and eat it. I decided if I can not kill it I can not eat it. I already did not eat beef due to intestinal distrease when eating it. I eat fish that my friends have caught and eggs from my chickens. I also consume raw dairy from my local farmers market. I wear leather and fur but I make my own bags and such from leather and fur items I find at yard sales and thrift stores or free boxes on the corner. Everything I purchase new is animal free and sustainable. I love my animals (all 70 of them) I rescue rooster's meant for the stew pot and I expect to have even more rescues after easter. This put's a huge strain on my budget but I love them all. When I sit out on my property and watch them running around and how they interact with others and me I cant imagine eating them. I may start to feel the same about fish because I just rescued some from someone that moved and left them in a house my friend was cleaning out. I try my best to be the best person I can be i the eyes of the mother. I don't yell at people or become confrontational but I will tell people my views on things and if they are willing to I will show them. I take some of my birds out with me to the coffee shop and my kids school or just out on the town. It always gets a lot of attention when you have a little rooster crowing at the coffee shop down town. It gives me an opertunity to show people that they have personalities and when a little one hold a chicken or rooster and looks at me with those big curiouse eyes it warms my heart. Some tell me they have never seen or held a "real live chicken". In this way I hope to make people aware of their lifestyle.

I think there's no divine justice at all or absolute evil and good etc. And that's too trivial to say by now. Nature itself is cynic, cold and indifferent. At least apparently. But the some time gave us somehow instruments that allows us to choose. That's the whole point: choices! Homos sapiens use to consider themselves superior, why?Because of culture?civilization?Knowledge and technology?No! we still play the same survival game like any other being in a more refined way!
A proof of real superiority is making choices which  are not directly or indirectly connected to some kind of interest...


huh? not sure what this has to do with the topic?


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