Well there could be many reasons, but most reasoning of almost anything we do in life comes from love or hatred.  For instance, you can play tennis because  you love it, or you can play it because you simply hate other sports and you have to do something.

Similarly, some people hate the idea of eating meat because of seeing animals die. Others don't think much about the subject of animals as food, but they just feel inclined to be vegetarian for reasons of loving vegetables!

Loving vegetables could be also for loving animals, but also for loving animals (not seeing them hurt).

So it is all intertwined, but so I guess what i am getting at, do you think for any reason, does vegetarianism help you to be more loving and less hateful, or is it unrelated?

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It describes, in general therms, the main reason why i became vegetarian....

oh sorry, I didn't understand.

I have been reading about vegetarianism on and off for about 18 years.  I tried to go veggie twice but got so much flack from my parents and partner that I gave it up. I no longer eat pork, beef or chicken and try to avoid dairy and eggs if possible. VERY difficult living here in Mexico.

 I am an animal lover and I would definitely have gone veggie sooner if I had to kill my own food.  I can't stand the idea of a farm animal dying for my meal. I never ate lamb, veal, rabbit or the like before. Funny how we are conditioned to think of some animals as pets and some as food. How many people would really look at a living cowin front of them and think "Steak!  I just want to slice open that cow and throw a hunk on the grill!" -honestly?

 I love fruits and veggies so its not hard to avoid meat in that way, just shopping and cooking is challenging for me. So many spices and items I want to try that I can't find here in Merida.

And my husband is still getting used to the idea. He worries about me constantly not getting enough protein or losing too much weight. He actually asked me if I was joining a cult! Lol!

I feel so much cleaner inside. Some aches and pains have improved dramatically also. I love that it is better for the environment too.  Gradually working towards eliminating eggs and dairy. Don't want to give my spouse a heart attack!

i think its a double edges sword. i went veggie because the way i was raised you had to be nice and respectful to all animals. and eating meat just confused the hell out of me. and the fact that im a pagan just made my choice all the more easier. the gods want us to live respectfully, and to treat everything with dignity. and killing animals just didnt fit into that picture from my point of view.  it never helped that i hated the fact that i see what i was eating...........it made me sad to think about it. i have always been an animal lover and i have also been a veggie lover thanks to my grandma. we bonded over her veggie patch every summer, and i grew up with plenty of veggies around me!

Yes, I know what you mean. I feel so much better about not eating animals (except fish and that kinda bothers me too)  I feel bad killing ants and spiders even. but not cockroaches, ha ha!  i love veggies! I wish i could find things like butternut squash, kale, yams and the spices I see in recipes like coriander and turmeric. :)

I first became veg for health reasons, but I stick to it now for spiritual/religious reasons.

I was an atheist up until my mid 20's and although there are many atheist veggies, I have a hard time now understanding how the two are so compatible. Maybe it comes from the awareness and deep-thinking aspects they both share--but as an atheist, I didn't see the value in life. Life was a dime a dozen. And although I felt compassion for suffering and didn't want any being to suffer... I could easily cave into the argument " well if the animal had a good life and quick death, what's it matter".  

My religious studies of hinduism have taught me that the soul passes from body to body. And that a soul is a soul whether it be in an animal or human form. And that our actions have consequences that are either positive or harmful for ourselves and others.

Hello everyone. I have a some reason to become a vegetarian/vegans are I love all the animals, I faith in religions, I don't wan't to ear meats and so many reason.


Eating cruelty free has increased my love and respect for animals.  I originally turned to vegetarianism for health reasons but found it had the added benefit of raising my awareness of the plight of animals used for food production.  Alternatively I have experienced hatred from people who do not understand this lifestyle choice.  It surely has been a surprising and enlightening journey.

Hatred? May I ask where you live? It seems quite extreme for people to hate you for your lifestyle choice!

I live in a very rural area in New York very close to the Canadian border. The hatred I referred to is more in the context of hateful or resentful comments. I guess I should have used the word "negativity" instead. I experienced this with a family member, some coworkers and even my dentist when inquiring about my diet's potential effects on my teeth. I no longer discuss it unless expressly asked or when I am with another vegetarian or vegan. That is why I love this site and it's concept.

I'm glad this site helps you :)

I have had negative/annoying comments from family members too, but thankfully not too much. For the most part my friends and family are supportive, and I guess that makes me lucky!

I became a vegetarian at the age of 8 because I couldn't stand cruelty towards animals. I spent summers with my grandparens in the rural isolation where it was natural to grow animals for food. I was horrified when I saw how my grandparents beheaded little pigs and chicken.. I will never forget those horrifying sounds and agony... It all seemed (and still seems) barbaric to me, so after all I decided to give up meat and sea products. But when I was 13 doctors forced me into eating meat again, frightening me and saying that some of my health issues were related with vegetarianism..though they weren't, of course.. but I was a child and I believed it.. For some 5 or 6 years I ate meat.. One day it became unbearable, so I decided to give up meat once again, but this time for forever. Now I've been a vegetarian for 5 years and nothing's going to change my position. 


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