Does anyone watch any vegan/vegetarian vloggers?? Or what diet-related channels do you watch??

I like to watch BFvsGF but a lot of times I wish I could find some vloggers I could enjoy watching that promoted my lifestyle as well. 

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Hi Leanna,

You should take a look at my blog, Delicious, original recipes, all with a vegan and vegetarian base! This week's theme is "The Flavor's of Spring". Enjoy!

It looks good!! I'll have to try some of it out, thanks :)

I checked out the channels and some videos :) I've seen freelea before but I was more interested in entertainment than the entire video being about being veg. Any other daily vloggers that are veg similar to common YouTube vloggers? Where the whole thing is not entirely about it but it is included simply because they are.

I don't believe any are veg though?

Not really- but I love everyone's suggestions, I will have to check those people out!


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