Would you be willing to buy meat for a non veggie if you lived with them and you were the one doing the weekly shop?

I told my boyfriend that it's his choice if he want's to eat meat or not and that he can buy his own meat. He says that if we live together and I happen to be doing the shopping I should be willing to buy him meat. according to him it shouldn't matter as I am not the one eating it.

Also I live with my nan, do all the shopping but don't buy meat (do buy fish). My Aunt who came to visit from USA thinks that I should be buying my nan meat. I cook nutritious meals for me and my nan.

What do you think?

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Obviously, every couple is different. So what works for me won't work for everyone else.

I buy meat for my boyfriend (we live together). It's my decision to not eat meat, and I can't force that onto him or make it "difficult" for him to eat it by refusing to take part in the purchasing of it. That just wouldn't be fair.
The meat would be bought whether it's him physically buying it in the shop or myself, so it makes no difference. I actually cook if for him too, on my days to cook, for the same reasons listed above.

He is perfectly happy for me to cook veggie meals too, and eats them and enjoys them. We both just respect each others decisions and choices, and support each other in them.

As for your Nan, I can't really comment. It depends what her opinion is on it. If she is happy, and is being fed nutritional food (like you say), I see no problem with it. If she would prefer some meat in her diet, personally I think she should be allowed that.

It seems unfair, but ultimately he'll get meat one way or another (whether you buy it for him or not). In return - as a compromise - I think it's fair that your boyfriend should consider having more meat-free days. That way everyone wins. I totally understand your position though - I'd find it really hard to buy meat for someone, but I haven't experienced this conflict myself yet.

I have some vegetarian friends who will refuse to buy or cook meat on behalf of others, and I really don't see it as productive. It's a surefire way to alienate oneself. Good luck!


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