Hey everyone :) How are y'all doing? 

I'm Eri and I'm 27. I'm looking for 20+ vegfriends from Canada or the US. 

I am a raw vegan and I'm loving it so far! I feel great and with a lot of energy all day long!

I have many interests and hobbies..

I love playing the piano, singing, crafting, translating, listening to alternative music, dancing and meeting new people.

I'm really interested in cultures, arts, photography and design in general (architecture, interior design and fashion design). I love taking photos (I'd like to take a photography course, that's a pending subject of mine) and photo editing.

I love researching on the internet and reading about natural health 

and about the raw vegan lifestyle :D

I love traveling and learning new languages. 

I'm bilingual: english and spanish. I know a little italian and portuguese too (I learned those when I was in highschool, so I would love to practice).

Ok, enough about me.. Now tell me about you!! What are your interests and hobbies, etc?

Looking foward to hearing from you all!

[ Eri ]


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