Do any of you ever get discouraged? Or ever feel you're not making a difference? Is it only me that is sickened by the food industries' commercials showing their meat products? Or sporting goods companies advertising hunting gear? I'm almost to the point I don't know how to handle it anymore. I'm glad I found this forum a few days ago, because I can't seem to find any local support. Do you have any advice as to how you cope ???

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I know exactly what you are talking about. I feel so discouraged, desperate, helpless and angry. So many issues...Mistreated strays, Fur farms, factory farms, experiments on animals. Sadly, I think I've grown somewhat indifferent now. :(

I feel exactly the same way..I have no vegan or vegetarian friends, and don't know anyone who is a hardcore animal lover as I am.  I wish I could run away to a place where everyone is vegan and no animals suffer and die at the hands of humans. Of course this place doesn't exist.. I hate listening to co-workers talk about they want to order steak hoagies for lunch.  I don't have advice on how to cope but hopefully it will help to know there are others who feel as you do.

Stay focused, positive & concentrate on what your able to achieve, rather than what you cannot:) Every little we do, no matter how small, makes a difference! The worst thing to do would be to close your eyes & become indifferent, there are too many people like that already. All change, starts with one small step, the trick is to not give up, and when people see your determination, it will hopefully encourage them to follow suit:) Remember, small acts of kindness when multiplied by millions can change the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Very well said :)

I am reasonably new and I know exactly what you are saying. how do people not"get it". how can people think it is ok to have innocent and defenseless animals treated so cruelly and it seems like they don't care. i am on my own with my veg as no families or friends are veg. i recently was out on rallies and protesting against factory farming and got the most likes on my facebook page for the photo but nobody else came and rallied with me. it is hard when i am so passionate about it and it seems others don't care. i just don't "get it" :-(

I understand how you feel... I'm fortunate to have this one person in my office (which is not a very big office, about 10 people) who is pretty much vegetarian also and a HUGE animal lover like me. She doesn't really say she's vegetarian and she eats fish, but I eat fish sometimes too. She has a lot of cats and really likes pigs, does not eat pigs. It is frustrating to see the pictures of factory farms, and other horrors. I do take heart in hearing that there are more vegetarians and vegans in the US then there has been before. We are growing in numbers.

I just recently saw the documentary, Forks over Knives, and it really inspired me to eat even healthier than I do now. I wish they would show this on TV again and again to spread this message! Have you seen it?



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