Hi animal lovers!

Since a trip to Thailand last year, I've become more and more involved in trying to help elephants, and help to spread the word. So many people around the world have no idea of how tourism negatively affects them, especially across Asia.

When elephants are used for rides, feeding on the streets or on beaches, or any other tourist activity, it is absolutely brutal for them. 
Elephants are wild animals, and in order for them to be trained to perform these tricks and be submissive to humans, they have to have their spirits "crushed" through the use of the Asian "Phajaan".
I explain this process in more detail in my blog here, in case anyone is interested in understanding it more.

All elephants used for tourism or in the logging industry have been through this process, and then subject to more abuse since then. So if anyone contributes to the tourism by going on the elephant rides, paying to feed them in the street, or to play with them on beaches... They are contributing to that abuse.

I'm sorry that this post seem so heavy in nature. I just really want to be able to spread the word and knowledge about this, and I thought fellow veggies and animal lovers would be a good place to start.

Elephants need our help, both in Asia and in Africa where they are trophy hunted on a daily basis, as well as poached for their Ivory. 
I am part of an open group on Facebook called "Elephant Warriors", which is always sharing petitions and alike to help elephants around the world. If people could join and help out, it would really make a difference.

What is everyone's views on Elephant Tourism? Have you been to places like this and witnessed it? Did you know about the "crushing" ritual?
What about seeing them in circuses, where the abuse it just as bad and their environment very unnatural?

Any contributions and help will be much appreciated :) Please ask questions if you have any too.

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I totally hear where you are coming from. I would never take my children to a circus that included animals. What a horrible and unnatural way for an animal to live its life. They are not put on the earth for human entertainment. Humans are quite capable of organising their own entertainment without causing torture and abuse to other innocent living beings. yes I had heard of the "crushing" and it is absolutely barbaric. I will join the FB group. Any sort of animal abuse is so NOT ok. We need to be a voice for the animals as they can't speak for themselves and rely on us to look after them and be their voice. Thanks for sharing :) Anne

Thanks for the reply, it's nice to be able to find support :)

I have noticed that people are starting to be aware of some of this, but unfortunately not quite enough. For example, I have come across lots of people who go to ride elephants, and think that because they are riding bare back it is fine.
While riding bare back does much less damage to their backs, the elephants have still been "crushed" and tortured in order for them to let people ride them, and they are very often not fed as a punishment for any "bad" behaviour. Plus, a lot of their mahouts carry bull hooks. 

Any help is appreciated :) even if you can only sign some petitions that the group brings up, it'll help. 


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