We want to have 2 kittens soon.

Is it possible to feed cats vegetarian only?

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Unfortunately, the word I've been reading from animal nutritionists and vets, is that cats are carnivores.

Cats are definitely carnivores, and will eventually die if they aren't fed meat in their diets! Dogs and humans are omnivores.

I have done a lot of research on this subject, and here is what I have learned.

Male cats have a lot of problems with urinary tract infections. If you feed them an all dry food diet, it is very likely that they will have issues with UTIs. Since most veggie cat foods are dry, this is a huge issue. Female cats don't have the same risk of UTIs as male cats, so they can have a 100% dry food diet, and they don't usually suffer for it. However, cats are obligate carnivores. In the wild, they rarely eat anything but meat. To put them on a veggie diet is very unnatural. There are some nutritionally complete veggie cat foods out there, but in my opinion, they have not been on the market long enough to prove whether or not they are effective. I would, personally, not want to take the chance on my own cat.

Can you not buy tinned or packeted cat food in India? Spiders seem to be a pretty poor diet for a cat. And I doubt that mice would be enough for them. It really is important for them to have a good diet. I hope all goes well.

I feed my dog vegetarian dog food that I order online from Evolution Diet. I tried to get the cats to eat their veggie cat food but didn't have much luck with that. A few of them would eat it, but not all of them. Maybe if you try with kittens, it will work. Good luck!

The tired old line about cats being pure carnivores is about 30 years out of date. Not only do my cats all eat AMI and both wet and dry Revolution cat food formulas, but all the animals the come in and and out of my backyard devour it also. Everyone from ants, to raccoons, to deer. Aim and Revolution are nutritionally complete and don't contain all the unhealthy animal fats and proteins (not to mention antibiotics and growth hormones!) that lead to the same heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and morbid obesity in people.

Many people say that it is possible for cats to have a vegeterian diet.But,I do not support this idea.By being a vegeterian,you must care for animals,and especialy if it's your pet (because pets are like own children).Cats are omnivores,and changing by changing their diet,yes,you stop supporting meat industry,but you stop supporting your pet's health too.

P.S I am not argueing with people,who make their pets vegeterians/vegans,IMHO that's just wrong to change cats.

P.S.You don't have to cook your cat meat,I would never do that too.Yııık !Gros!

Omnivores eat everything. Did you mean that cats are carnivores? Their nature is really to eat meat.

I meant that cats can't only eat meta.They need to eat plants too,but plan-based products should be less that 25% in their diet.I've just never seen a cat that doesn't eat vegetables or grass at all.

I agree with Deniz.In the wild cats eat mainly meat, but they also need access to grass.It seems to sort out any digestive problems they may have. Also many cat foods have some vegetables in them. Although cats are mainly carnivores, they do need some vegetables, and indeed in cat treats there is often cheese, which in my experience they love! But I really think that cats should not be given an all vegetarian/vegan diet. This is, of course, just my opinion.

You're right that cats are like all other felines 99,99% carnivores and hunters also, but you're wrong that they don't use plants in their diet.

Me and my family have had always at least a cat and a dog. And having also a vegetables garden I noticed cats and dogs eat grass or other plants regularly, especially if they feel ill.

Dogs eat vegetables even more often. I had a dog that would even steal carrots or apples from my hands and eat them.

I thinks its a good idea to feed cats the things they're naturally meant to eat. There are physiological reasons cats eat meat. When you try to in force your diet on an animal, the animal suffers. You wouldn't feed a snake a salad right?


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