Hi, I think that Vegfriend is the best place to talk about many diffrent cultures and with culture is associated religion. Does your sate religion affect the choice of being veg? and how opend is your country to this possibiity? For example I come from Czech republic, which is one of the most atheistic countries around the world, but people here are classic meateater and don't accept this lifestyle most of the time. 

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Australia is very similar, the home of the summer BBQ. There were even some ad campaigns for eating lamb by an idiot called Sam Kekovich where he labelled vegetarians "un-Australian". Despite the meat-loving attitudes, people are generally well educated here, so they understand my reasons at least. People often admit they wish they had my "commitment", which annoys me a little (as if being vegetarian was some kind of self-punishment!?). I have some catholic relatives and not eating meat is difficult for them to mentally process. Thankfully some of my younger cousins, aged 9 and 11, decided to become vegetarians - much to their parents' surprise! Nice kids, and smart too.

I am from the US, and there is a huge population of religious zealots.  I belong to a local atheist women's group, and I'm surprised at how most the of women in the atheist group won't even consider going vegetarian or vegan.  Now I belong to a local vegan group too, and many are atheists.  It's an interesting combination.

Hi Cynthia

It seems to me being vegan and atheist hangs together: if you are aware of the absurd paradox between animal suffering and human attitudes, how can any truly intelligent, clear thinking person not be despairing of all the responses by world religions? I have one possible exception, the Jains in India, who have always tried to avoid all harm to other species. By comparison, even the Buddhists (and especially the Dalai Lama!) have some way yet to go. No, I feel atheism is the only sensible way for a committed vegan. There, no one has struck me dumb and I feel fine about it!

However, to answer Klara's original thought about atheist omnivores, it seems to me most humans, with or without religion, do not think through their relation ship with other species. Once they really do, they become vegans, I hope.

I live in Morocco, it's a mixture of many religions, as far as I'm concerned, there are not too many vegans/vegetarians in here but maybe I'm just not familiar with them

Hi Cherry Blossom (nice name!)

Thanks for your message. Are you agreeing with me or challenging (I do not mind, I'm just not sure). It does not surprise me that there are not yet many vegetarians or vegans in Morocco, though there is no reason why this cannot change. I have just found a page on the Islamicconcern website (www.islamicconcern.com) which talks of vegetarian Halal:

"Vegetarian foods and ingredients, not counting alcohol, are halal by nature. Eating vegetarian is the best and easiest way to ensure that you are keeping halal.

Likewise, personal care products that include animal products are very likely not halal. Even if the product does not contain animal ingredients, if it has been tested on animals, it is in violation of Islamic teachings of the Quran.
Sadly, like many other companies, vegetarian and cruelty-free companies have been slow to seek halal certification for their products. Muslims naturally turn to vegetarian and cruelty-free products in the belief that they are more likely to be halal than products with animal ingredients. Typically this is true, but sometimes there are other ingredients in these products that are forbidden to Muslims. The only way to be sure is to purchase halal-certified vegetarian and cruelty-free products".

There are even a number of sites now talking about vegan food in Morocco, for example:


I have never been to Morocco, so cannot confirm this.  Finally, if it is easier for you to write in French, that's fine for me (I have lived in France for many years). Sadly, I have no Arabic, except a brief tourist primer. 

Actually am not even religious I don't care if it's halal or not I just became vegan for ethical reasons & for the sake of animals, thank u for your reply thou :)


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