What will you be having for lunch this Australia day? A delicious soy sausage sizzle, complete with soy & egg replacer pavlova and a bit of Triple J's hottest 100? Or maybe just a light salad? 

This yeah I'll be visiting a friend so who knows what's on the menu, but I might bring my own salad just incase! And of course, it wouldn't be Australia Day without the hottest 100!

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I got some food for thought
BBQ'd tofu, veg sausages, veg burgers, etc with caramelized onion, capsicum and salad followed by pavlova for dessert.
Who will I spend this day with?
Friend or family, most likely a few vegetarians possibly a few omnivores, either way, looking forward to my first vegetarian Australia Day
:) and hope you all have a good one too

dont know about the soy sausages but defo a salad and a few beers!! lol

the hottest 100 should be a ripper this year. :)

It bit late for Aussie day but never late for veggie food. I made vegetable casserole no mayo or cream that has gelatine or cheese that has Rhenet in it. but coconut cream and added every other flavour to give my own. It was a  ripper for family and Friends. Oh speaking of vegetarianism, I added few vegetables and fried my tofo separately with Mint and coriander in olive oil with tomato, carrot, ginger, garlic, onion, salary and capsicum paste which I prepared in processor. Nice bread with tofu and Vegge sausages with vegetable casserole.  salads


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