Hi, I was just wondering where everyone was from, and who would actually be interested in meeting up with other folks from this site?

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I'll get the ball rolling with a big hellow from Sydney's North Shore, and yes I am willing to meet folks from here. socially, of course, not looking for a date, just would be glad to meet up, as like minded friends are always a good investment of time.

Hi Amanda, great idea.
I'm from Barossa Valley SA. Would love to hear from some others around this area.

ooh, wine country. i love how so many vineyards found their way into some of australias pretties valleys. and love even more the increase in organic and vegan wines. ;) 

I am in Australia, Australian citizen but as much a world citizen, no permanent home, but am traveling around as a nomad. 

Two weeks ago I was in Sydney enjoying the lovely veg restaurants in and near Cabramatta and then attended the Cruelty Free Festival eating lots of yummy vegan food, met a lot of veg friends there and stayed with one for a few days. 

Now I am in Melbourne hosted by a local vegan couple. Attended the World Vegan Day festival. 

Next week am going to be in Tasmania, and plan to spend there for a month or two. I have already agreed about meetying some people via other sites but if there is anyone from Tassie wanting to meet me, I would be very happy. I will be walking and hiking around the island. Since it is so could outside, I really wish to have a good escuse to visit someone in a house  or go together to a restaurant. 

Sounds awesome! how are your travels atm

My husband and I are Aussie Vegans and travellers. We'll be back in Oz in 2014 but not sure where we'll be living, maybe Melbourne. We're Sydney-ites but you gotta love Melbourne.

Currently in Blue Mountains; NSW

Met a few vegetarians here so far... There's a pie shop in Wentworth Falls where we can all (even vegans) enjoy a delicious pie, coffee or dessert and a vegan cafe called Rubyfruit (they did a great tofu scramble)... and plenty other places for vegetarians to eat at in the Mountains :)

Now I live near Ballina and Maclean

Tweed Valley Mexico here, I mean NSW, vego since 1988 still lovin it lol 


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