I could name many places, in towns large and small

What might they serve? Bakery with vegetarian pie? What's at the pub/club? Fast food? Or healthy as associated with being vegetarian?

I say Name and Fame the places, even if they only have one thing for vegetarians on the menu. Maybe when you're passing through town on a road trip, or visiting a friend, or even visiting as a tourist, there could be something delicious for us vegetarians

Where have you been and what was there for vegetarians and vegans?

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Pies: There are so many places that have one or more vegetarian pie on the menu and just as many that serve cheese and spinach rolls (some servos)

Mountain High Pies in Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains has a few Vegan Pies on the menu too, and they are so delicious. Can be served with mashed peas, pumpkin or potato or gravy (probably not vegetarian). They have delicious coffees (tasty with soymilk whether I drink dairy or not), salads and desserts (1 or 2 vegan) too

Lismore Pie Cart; Magellan/Molesworth Street corner

While there are no Vegan Pies on this menu, there is a 7 veggie (in mornay sauce) pie, a Mexican Veggie Roll, Cheese and Spinach Pie and Roll (just to name a few)...

This outdoor setting (if there is risk of rain/inclement weather, at least the transit centre across the road is sheltered) near Spinks Park Transit Station also has the side dish option(s) of Mash Potato, Mash Peas and Gravy (this too is vegetarian, I asked), and the option of adding sauce... delicious

In Yamba NSW

A SPAR Express that is also a petrol station.

I cannot guarantee it will always be available, but there was a VEGAN pie available. I went to the beach as the sun set, sat down in the sand and enjoyed my delicious, vegan pie

These pies come from Byron Bay Gourmet Pies, some are vegetarian, some are vegan

Any input by others here about places (especially as I'm in but one part of Australia) with vegetarian or even VEGAN options is much appreciated

As one food business manager/owner said to me, "any publicity is good publicity"

Thank in advance

Vespa's on Oak Cafe; Oak Street; Evans Head

I tried a burger here, sweet potato and lentil patty, cajun (nice flavour, I didn't find too spicy) coleslaw and chili sauce. Served with nice, crunchy chips. Delicious

They had a couple other vegetarian options

Garden House; Alstonville

This one serves nice cappuccinos and a delicious veggie quiche (yes veggies, not just cheese and spinach)

Note: There is no public transport to this location, however, if you're on a road trip and would like to drop by somewhere with not too much vehicle traffic (except customer's cars of course) this place has a nice backdrop... who knows, you just might be able to see a koala out here

RubyFruit; Leura; NSW

I did not get to try much here, as I rarely had the money for what they have (this is a boutique vegan cafe), however, the tofu scramble I did try was very delicious (I think it had baby spinach and was on rye bread). It still filled me up :) and when still stuck on a low budget, I did the next best thing since moving to the NSW North Coast and made a tofu scramble myself, but I am sort of a foodie, ever since I became vegetarian and shared meal pictures to my friends on facebook (and here too) and will see what I can try, where and when I can, especially with starting this Discussion.

Everything here is vegan, even the coffee milk (I think almond and rice milk are alternatives options to soy milk here, as opposed to the usual "dairy with the option of paying an extra 50c-$1 for soy" most places have), even the creamy looking desserts.


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