Where do you stand? Do you chip your dog? Does it count as the same as piercing their ears? And about removing dew claws or tails at a young age for pups? Isn't that close to circumcision? Removing part of a body that could potentially be hazardous against the owners will is still a violation of rights. However, if the owner is unable to make their own decisions, where should a person step in to protect a loved one?  I'm not stating my for or against what yet...honestly I would like to hear some opinions.

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I'm not really sure what my opinion is... I think putting an animal through un-needed pain is bad... but knowing what is needed is the key. when it comes to pets, sometimes it's best to spay/neuter them.... chip them... etc. if it truly is a big danger to the animal otherwise.

I like your answer. It can be tricky deciding what is best for your fur friend. I read an article recently about an animal activist who was against fellow activists' standing outside a vet clinic that was offering half price de-clawing for cats. Her reasoning was that many cats get turned away or thrown out because of scratching someone or tearing up furniture. Some pet owners may not know how to deal this so they just get rid of their pets. The lady said that if removing the cats claws kept these pets in a home, even though she was against the act, she wasn't going to keep another pet owner who took care of their animals, from deciding what is right for their family's situation. 


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