Show us your old and new tats. =D

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My back piece for my late nephew Giles as of 1/02/2012. My artist James reworked the loveheart piece, changing the 'C' to a 'G' for Giles and added the storm clouds around it. He also added white to the wings. One more sitting to go!

I have 7 others but this is obviously the biggest! :)


Thanks Daniel. I still have one more sitting to go. All up will be around 30 hours work (not including touch ups). Just a bit of background info about the piece. Giles was a nine time state moto x champion here in South Australia and was turning pro the year he died at the age of 17. He was sponsored by Yamaha amongst others. He lived and breathed the sport and was even racing in Indonesia when he was five. He had offers to race in Japan also. His likeness and the bike were taken from an actual photo I have of him. The checkered flag represents him winning the 'final and ultimate race'.  I am so  proud to wear this piece.  My artist is James Cannon from the Lords Of Ink tattoo studio at Henley Beach South Australia. I'm looking forward to seeing other peoples pieces!  :)

I would post my tattoos but they are, well, by my crotch. XD They are two wolf pawprints.

When I am independent from my parents I have many more plans for different tattoos. :D

I'll post some of mine later.can I also post some of my brothers and his work? His name is Chris hurtsville. Very popular with some stars like sly Stallone, the wrestler butesta(sp) plus a bunch of rappers. But I don't want to spam this up so its up to y'all

I plan to get a sleeve of hearts... Here is what I've got so far:

 Old pic of my heart tattoos before I got more.

Smiley heart

8-bit heart

My matching friendship heart on my foot. My 2 best friends have the same tattoo.

Work in progress...busy finishing off the sleeve at the moment.

More work has been done since this picture. Half sleeve almost finished.

Beautiful tattoos =D

Finished! Only a touch up to go! :)


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