So horror punk is most associated with its bands. So whats your favorite band. I'm in between Misfits and Wednesday 13 :)

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OLD Misfits, Samhain, Christian Death, 45 Grave.

Love any Danzig stuff and omg I forgot Christian Death *facepalm*

Only Theatre of Pain is a great album by Christian Death.

a little different and dark is Dead and Gone. great 1st 3 albums.

Yeah, I hated it after Rozz Williams was gone. The new guy in there sucks and it makes me mad because he has taken the rights to a lot of Rozz's work.

Oh yeah I love all of Rozz's work. Im forever a goth girl at heart so his music always puts me in the mood to dance :)

If one likes horror punk, it seems they would, by default, love The Misfits... I also love The Vladimirs, Shriek, and though I know he's not technically horror punk, Nim Vind. Oh GOD, I love Nim Vind.

I like old Misfits, Samhain, Undead.

But if we can include a little shock rock, then I would vote Alice Cooper.


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