1 ripe pineapple

4-5 slices peeled root ginger

3 whole cloves

2 limes

2 pt (1100 ml) boiling water

4 oz (115 g) raw cane sugar


Peel the pineapple thickly and reserve the flesh for use in another dish. Crush the slices of root ginger and thinly slice the limes. Place the pineapple  peel, ginger, limes and whole cloves in a large bowl. Pour on the boiling water, cover and allow to steep for 24 hours. Strain the liquid discarding the pineapple peel, limes and spices. Stir in the raw cane sugar until dissolved. Chill.

Serves 4-6

An exellent way of using fresh pineapple trimmings. This is a refreshing ginger flavoured drink and can be served with ice and garnished with slices of lime.

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