Hi! I'm 34 and have just joined this site. I'm in a long term relationship and am in the process of changing to a vegan diet (my partner is also). I'm making the change mainly for health reasons, although I am of course happy that it is ethically the right thing to do. I'm really looking for some vegan penpals to write to, as I've always loved writing letters and thought having a vegan penpal would be a fun way to swap ideas, recipes etc. If anyone would like to be pals please get in touch.

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I would love to have a pen pal to swap recipes, etc with. My wife and I are transitioning to vegan. Let me know if you are still looking. :)

 Hi, my name is Lori Jackson and I am a vegetarian and I am in a Vegan book club but I am mostly vegan except that I love ice cream. I love making homemade food with fruits and vegetables. I have found many good recipes in Vegetarian magazine and I have made up some good recipes too. It is hard to be vegetarian in this society but it makes me feel better about myself. Reply back if you want to be my pen pal

i would love to become Pen Pals. here is my e mail address wamblishaman@giantcomm.net


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