I always have this dream that all of vegan and vegetarian (internationally) bound together and come out with something that really good for the society. A very brief idea as per below:

1. Vegetarian Chain Store (VegFriend will start up the chain store to support the vegetarian/vegan traveler all over the world)

2. Vegetarian Certificates (Not all of the countries are vegetarian friendly, come out with a body, just to award the special stickers to telling the vegan/vegetarian that it is safe to have these meal in this particular store)

3.Will have activities/event to create the awareness towards the crowd on the society..
1. Vegetarian Day ( I know we have that, only certain people take part of that one.. so need to increase the participant rate),
2. Vegetarian/Vegan Discussion group...,
3. Vegetarian/Vegan Festa (Some of the people have the wrong concept on there is not much option if they converted to vegetarian, through this, they understand that we actually have many nice vegetarian food... ...
4. Vegetarian/ Vegan talk
5. Visiting the school to give the right knowledge for vegetarian ...

... Someday, someday :)

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Best is if we can have activities in school to teach children to prepare vegetarian meals. They will appreciate it better since they made the food themselves. I will love to have these in school when I become a teacher soon. There is enough brainwashing through companies selling fast food and processed food!

Totally agree. I would love to work in an organisation that helps 

1. Increase vegan/vegetarian user friendly for dine in restaurant/ especially in school canteen. 

2. Increase of awareness of the benefits of being a vegan and vegatarian 

Hi Shanny don't just dream, you better act fast, for Malaysia is cursed now and Malaysians have become piranhas! The worst type of pirahnas that kill each other! Can piranhas listen to angelfish?


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