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It's sublime.  Btw, the NON voice-over version, aka, the Director's cut, is much preferred over the theatrical release.  Its a brillient piece of 80's scifi a la film noir.  The acting is nothing short of perfection.  The View of LA in the future is breathtaking.  If you look at many downtown cores nowadays, you will notice that fiction becomes reality.  Its near 30 years old and watching it today, you'd swear it was just released this month.  Its ageless.  If you haven't seen it, you gotta feast your eyeballs on this visual cornacopia.  I give it 11 out of 10.  Btw, by far and away, Rutger Houers' best movie appearence.  

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"...like tears in rain."

That was an amazing modern soliloquy. Worth the price of admission in and of itself.
Not my favorite flick, but you get a strong thumbs-up from me.

Don't hit me, but I haven't seen Blade Runner yet. Given your most excellent choice in movies, I will have to add this to the list to stream. A Director's Cut that's better than the theatrical release! That's a first, haha. 


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