Some movies are so random or terrible that they are actually humorous or epic. What's your favorite crazy movie?

Mine is a tie between the Yeti (the best part being when the Yeti rips out a guy's beating heart and the guy keeps screaming as he watches it pump in the Yeti's hands) and Suicide Club. Suicide Club is a Japanese horror cult classic- it's graphic but generally with fake orange blood so it's not too terrible (there is a scene with sexual violence in it just a warning). Basically, there are mass suicides being conducted around Japan, and the police begin to suspect that they are indeed homicides, and it just escalates to absolute craziness.

How about you guys?

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Craziest movie, thats a broad category. I can tell you the craziest movies I DIDNT see, or maybe the most disgusting....  Human Centipede. I refuse to go anywhere near it.  I saw Hostel, which was a huge mistake. It was grotesque.  I destroyed the dvd after watching it.  Only reason I bought it was it was in the bargain bin for 4.99.  Wtf was Eli Roth thinking when he made this?  He had to have been baked.  As for Cultiest movies, which is a sub category of Crazy, I would say.....Buckaroo Bonazi, which anyone under the age of 40 will hate, anyone over 40 will love with mad devotion.  Plan 9 from Outer space by the immortal Ed Wood is probably the greatest of the most horrible movies.  Worst movie ever made, but hysterically funny in that it was meant to be taken seriously. I got a friend who saw Suicide Club.  Its weird, for what it is, Im  told.  I think I should see it.

I've heard about that movie but never seen it- or really heard much about what it was about. Just the name kind of has an infamy haha. Ohhhh mmaaannn, I agree with you about Hostel. It wasn't scary it was just purely torture fantasy- with 15 minutes intro of soft core porn. Why anyone thinks brutalizing human beings for an hour is good entertainment, idk... at least the first SAW movie for example had a good plot (the first did, the later ones were more gore-centered it seemed). I don't blame you for ditching that DVD. I felt sick to my being when they blow-torched that person's eye. I can't fathom it.

Haven't heard of Buckaroo Bonzai, haha sounds interesting. Or any of the others, they seem intriguing though :3 Lol definitely watch it!!! I would be eager for your personal opinion. Apparently if your'e Japanese the movie makes a whole lot more sense because of the cultural symbols and perspectives, I read some synopsis on it online that was pretty good and explained it a little.

Fear and Loathing and, perhaps Naked Lunch....totally crazy!!!

Omg! Heard so many things about Naked Lunch, will definitely check it out! And Fear and Loathing! Another great :)


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