What's your favorite movie and why?

My personal top:

Cruel Intentions, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Hard Candy, Pan's Labyrinth, Boondock Saints, Fightclub, It's Complicated (thought I'd throw a comedy in there), The Patriot, Gladiator, and well I don't want this list to go on for too long lol.

My recommendation if you've never seen it: Hard Candy. It's an amazing thriller with the girl from Juno (Ellen Page I think her name is)- I would give you a synopsis but it might ruin it for ya. Just watch it. No gore but it is very adult subject matter.

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Let's see it's quite a list lol!  Girl with the Dragon Tattoo but the Swedish version of it (Män som hatar kvinnor/Men who hate women) it was much better imo as it was much closer to Swedish traditions, Dead Poet's Society, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The good horror flicks like The Ring, The Unborn etc.  They make you think not just blood and guts.

I've heard that it was, I really have to watch it. I see clips from it online all the time, looks amazing. 

Excellent selections :) Good to see another LOTR fan! 

It is much better imo.  The rape scene is a bit more graphic though.  Hubs and I are complete nerds hehe.  We have LOTR marathons, Harry Potter marathons and play Star Wars The Old Replublic lol.

Really? Hard to imagine it being more graphic. Ugh. Well I can say at least it's one of the FEW movies where the rape scene develops the story, it's not just in there for shock value. Thanks for the warning, I appreciate it.

OMG, that's true love. I want to have nerd marathons, haha. My bestie hates sci-fis and that leaves me very lonely and empty in that department haha. xo

First of all - Thnx, Lauren, u r awesome. Every film you´ve mentioned is a classic, Hard Candy is great (Ellen Page really did it), I love almost every Shirley MacLaine & Julia Stiles- Movie, Japanese films are great, Koizora, Tenshi no koi, Kamikaze girls and.......... Tim Burton is a must, Stop....i guess my list never ends, sorry.

Thank you :)! So glad to hear you've seen it! LOL I know how you feel! Tim Burton, always a win. Legends of Sleepy Hollow is still one of my all-time favorites he ever did. Watch it every Halloween :)

Hi Lauren, long time no speak, hope you are well. So many to choose from. My top 5 in no particular order, Once Upon a Time in America, Leon, City of God, The Passion of Christ and The Ladykillers. Once upon a time because I do like a good gangster epic, Leon because it goes a lot deeper than just a shoot em up, ie) the relationship side of things. City of God is just a brilliant gritty film that makes you thankful about where you live.The Passion of Christ because although I'm not neccessarily a believer in all that is written in the bible, Jesus was a real person documented by the Romans and this film apparently portrays all he went through before his death as accurately as is known. And finally the Ladykillers as although it was made long before my time (1955) it comes from a line of great "Ealing comedies" a group of films made in the Ealing studios in London and is a simple, easy to follow good old fashioned film. I do still love films such as Lord of the Rings (especially the extended editions). Most british and some foreign horrors but so many to list. Speak soon, Mat

Thanks I am Mat :) How are you? I remember watching Passion of the Christ, when it came out my current church group rented out a theater and we got to see it before other people did it was pretty boss. Everyone inside was crying ;__;! I also agree with your perspective on the Bible, on a side note haha.


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