Hey, just wondering what I can use as a natural body/face moisturiser? I have very dry skin and need something really nourishing for my face  - thanks! 

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Thank you for replying, I think I will give Cocoa butter ago for a start :) 

Yes, pure aloe vera gel is great.

Olive oil is the best as a skin  moisturizer. I love it! You can also wash your face with it too, but don't do it to often. 

apricot oil is lovely for face(nourishing), and raw coconut oil is great for body.


I like you have very dry skin and and it's also very sensitive. I haven't used stora bought makeup remover or facial cream in a year now and my skin is awesome! It's never irritated, flaky or anything else that is unpleasant.

For makeup remover I use coconut oil and/or castor oil and I make my own face cream. It's without water but your skin gets used to it after a while beacause you don't rid the skin of it's natural oil. 

I make a simple face cream with sheabutter, coconut oil and beeswax (which I know doesn't make it 100% vegan). You just melt it all together and voila! :) Then as Stephan said you can add essential oils like lavender or other oils like almond, argan or thistle. I hope this helps! 

Coconut oil is brilliant for skin and hair and of course cooking.

argan oil is really awesome for hair also!

Look into Jojoba oil.... it's molecular make up is nearly the same as the natural oils our skin produce, it's a very long lasting moisturizer that will not clog pores... here are some of the benefits:  Fights acne, regulates skin oil production, moisturizes, cleanses, conditions, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, provides sunburn relief.

Sweet almond oil is a good one too... it restores the pH balance of your skin.


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