Does anyone have any recommended 'recipes' for a simple homemade shampoo with natural (and importantly, easy to get hold of) ingredients? I'm tired of acrid store bought shampoo and would like to try a natural alternative that would be kinder on my skin and hair. My hair has become increasingly greasy over the years to the point I'm washing it daily. I stopped using store bought soap on a daily basis and my skin condition has improved, so I'm hoping a nice natural shampoo will do the same for my scalp!

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The easiest to make is bicarb and lemon and water with a touch of almond oil mix to paste its great wash mine twice a week with this . And condition with any oils wrapped in hot towel then rinsed off .I always get comments on my hair and have not used shampoo from a shop in years never would.

Try Soapnuts!

I've tried soaps with soap nuts extracts, but never the actual soap nut. Lee, is it easy to use?

I'm sure this would work, but I really wouldn't want my hair smelling like vinegar.


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