actually...I am not so well versed in how to get minerals or even what they are!!! but I know that they are important for health. sometimes I hear about liquid minerals. I think Bragg's liquid amino acid also has some minerals and i used to put that in my food instead of soya sauce, but now I have no access to that.

but lately, there is something I take which is said to do wonders for health and that is that I take some liquid Shilajit. It is stone that comes from the himalayas and it is crushed into a powder and made into a liquid by mizxing it with water. if I take a drop a day or even is said to cure many diseases and prevent others from forming.

I will post more info about shilajeet when I get a chance to . I would love to hear of other ways that folks get their mineral intake!

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I'm curious about this Shilajit you mentioned.I've been taking Plant-Sourced minerals which comes from a deposit called Senonian Vegetate.70+ trace minerals,fulvic and humic acids.Wonder if it's similar?

If you check out my Youtube channel, I'm having a giveaway for some Natural Vitality supplements, including the Plant-sourced minerals. 

oh, a giveaway sounds good! I will check it out. about shilajit, I just know that I have some and I take it sometimes and it is a liquid made from the rock. I have the bottle right here.

okay, well I will google some information and post it up.


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