Sensitives are people who frequently experience spirit activity. They are "sensitive" to them, able to see them, hear them and feel them much easier than others.

 Although, I am fascinated by the spirit world and have delved into this world, I am not a sensitive. I have few paranormal experiences, but the few I have are very significant to me and are undeniably from the other side.

 How sensitive are you?

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Dreaming of relatives who've passed is big in my family especially on my mothers side and receiving signs and stuff.

Last month I went to mexico to visit my grandfather. While i was there i went to the cemetery to visit my grandma who passed away last year in march. While I was there of course im all emotional and outloud I asked, Grandma if you can see me please send me a sign. And after i said it I thought, yea ok nothing is gonna happen. I sat on the ground in silence and then looked around and there were three trees that weren't too far away and one of them had a white flower. It caught my attention but dismissed it because you know at first i thought it was too coincidental.

On the day that i was leaving to come back to Chicago my cousin and aunt drove me to the airport. On the way I wanted to stop at the cemetery to say goodbye. I went by my grandmother and was saying my goodbyes, i love yous i miss yous wish you were here - and then my aunt catches up to me. As she is saying a prayer i look up at the trees and the flower was gone. I right away told my aunt about the flower i had seen a few days earlier and she's smiling at me and she says- "you wanna know something? those trees don't grow flowers".  :')     So yea I'm a huge believer of those who have passed away being able to communicate with the living and it felt really amazing knowing that my grandmother could see me.... 

I have a feeling that sensitivity to ghosts and spirit world is like sensitivity to feelings.  You can tune in and tune out depending on mood or the type of person you naturally are.

Some are born sensitive, but I think that can be in roughly three categories with a lot of gradations in between.  Someone who is sensitive and possessed or afflicted by them, someone who is neutrally aware and observant, and someone who is aware and in control of them or able to liberate them.

Ghosts can be either nice or harmful I guess, it depends on who they are.  In general, both Hindu and Buddhist religions say that that ghosts are beings who died with some type of horrible accident or some type of longing for a place and so due to their intense attachment or suffering, they take birth as a ghost body.

Personally, I have little sensitivity to them.  I never see them.  Sometimes I feel an energy as wretched, so they could be around.  But either way, if I see them or not, I try to pray for ghosts in general that they can find happiness.  If I do that, they might like me and not bother me.  If they still want to bother me, then in any case, my mood is loving to them so I am unlikely to become scared.

i wouldn't say that am sensitive but there are couple of occurrences that happened to me and  i think to almost all of us that we cant find a scientific or reasonable explanations to them 


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