How many of you have used a ouija board? Do you use it regularly or rarely? Socially or by yourself? Do you believe it to be dangerous? Is it safe? What precautions do you take? Has anything ever gone wrong while using one? What happened? What kind of board do you own? What is it made of? What style is it? I've very curious...... tell me about what you think of ouija.

This is my ouija board. I made it with some help from my ex. I designed it myself. It's made of wood, the letters are burned in and it's covered in glaze.

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Thank you =) I enjoy taking it out with friends when we ghost hunt. Sometimes I take it out on my own too

I just have a hard time believing that the little triangle actually moves around when the ghosts guide the letter search.  I mean it is as hard to tell whether you are jerking your hand or  someone is guiding it, no?  Similar to a dousing crystal.

I still believe in spirit world but am skeptical about the actual contact being legitamite.

hi all,Elizabeth i am joining this group in order to leave a comment on here. I in no way intend being disrespectful to you or your rights to run your own forum. I have noticed that a lot of people have left comments they are not understanding of spiritualism.......and surprisingly fruitfly left a comment saying he was sceptical(an acceptable comment yes cos honesty is always appreciated). I would like to advise anybody reading this not to entertain or play with a ouija can and does attract bad entities..........which can actually reside in ur body(very often the throat/neck area). I am a spiritualist myself and am talking from knowledge. I am very privelaged to sit in circle with an outstanding medium whom has being seeing spirit since the age of 3.(he is now85).very often the ouija baord attracts spirits from the lower world.............or spirits who don't want to leave the earth plane. Richard (Ricky).

I've never played with one...never intend aunt did once when she was a teen and she was actually possessed by a spirit and almost committed suicide by I agree with Richard- the spirit world is no way to be played with.  I certainly am a believer of spirits, ghosts whatever you wanna call them, i do believe that people who have passed can have the ability to communicate with messages to the living. I've had my own experiences, as well as many members of my family to reinforce my beliefs about this. 

I've used one, at Halloween with some friends. That's about it.


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