I come from a household where meat is eaten generally with almost every meal. When I first decided to become vegetarian, my parents were less than thrilled about finding alternatives for my already picky diet. After some time, though, they have become much more supportive of my choice. My question to you is, how supportive have your parents been?

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that's exactly how it is with my parents except instead of making fun of me, he just tries to make me eat meat

At first, they had no idea how to handle it. I'm the only herbivore in the family, so it really threw them for a loop. My dad made fun of me and I don't recall my mom saying much, other than asking me what she would be able to make for me. Two years later, they're much more supportive. Whatever I make, they try it out and they've liked pretty much everything. They also ask me questions about it and make sure I'm getting the right nutrients. My dad still makes fun of me, but not in the mean, unfunny way like it was before.

My parents aren't very supportive- I'm not a vegan, only a lacto-ovo vegetaraian, but they keep asking me things like, 'So is knowing that meat comes from animals to much reality for you?' And my dad doesn't understand because he feels that animals are bred for human consumption...so it is very hard for me. There are days where they cook only meat, and the side is a bowl of corn or French fries- so that is actually all I eat... They were supportive in the beginning, but anymore...they get worse. Thankfully though my older brother is supportive and enjoys trying vegetarian and vegan foods for me, so I guess that's nice right? But I see what you are going through :/


My mom when hear it said stop it, u are sick need to eat, but my dad even if he has a bad hobbie with his friends tried to avoid meat too but he gave me congratulations, also he support me so much and ofc everytime we go out for family dinner he speak to the chef cook something special for vegetarian :D 

My parents are super unsupportive. Its been over three years since i've become a vegetarian and they still think its just phase. But i've made a life choice and they've given up on me. I make my own meals and eat by myself. They never respect my decision and always ask if i want some meat. 

My parents aren't really supportive. My mom is more than my dad. She at least makes sure to have a non meat dish when she cooks so I can eat to. The only thing with her is that she won't let me get a meatless turkey for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm hoping they both warm up to the idea soon.

like you every one eats meat in my family - it tuck them along time and lots of pushing and stubbornness for them to accept that was a veggie 4 life! :D

My parents first reaction was schock but now my mother likes to prove her cook skills and also stopped to eat that much meat. She isn't a vegetarian but i think it is a big deal that she lowered her meat consumption :)

   My mom opposed me very hard. I do not know very well about vegetarian or vegan society in other parts of my country, but in Vietnamese's mind, being vegetarian is always related to religion. She even thought that I was about to become a monk. But, I still keep going on with this lifestyle and try to explain things to her. I am the cook of the family, so sad that I still have to cook meat for my mom and younger brother's daily meal. 

Hy! I live with my parents and grandparents, and they also eat meat every single day and in every single meal. First they were really not so supportive, but luckily my mom stood by my side the whole time. Soon, all of them, I wouldn't say supported me, but accepted my life choice. I know what they think about not eating meat, but don't talk about it in front of me. They cook meat, but half of the food is always vegetarian for me:)

Well my parents are separated so there's two stories my dad he wasn't unsupportive but there are times where he wants me to eat meat. Unfortunately my step mom was doing all the cooking before I went veg and me n her don't really have a good relationship soo basically she was like I'm not cooking two meals, and I had 0 cooking experience and she wouldn't even show me how to use stuff. And on my dads side we tend to eat out a lot I could tell they were annoyed with me being veg cause some places were off the menu. Now on my moms side when I got to her house there was nothing for me to eat so me n her went grocery shopping for me and by this time I was already cooking for myself, my mom actually brags about how I'm a veg and she eats a lot of the food I cook, my step dad has made 0 comments about it. And hopefully I can convert my little brother while he's still young!
I had come up with a plan already if they weren't supportive, we have dogs if they gave me too much crap about it I would've grabbed a knife grabbed the dog layed him on the table and yelled "YOU WANT ME TO EAT MEAT?! OKKAY!" Haha they would've shut up then. If you have unsupportive parents and your crazy like me try this ^.^


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